BoyCat = Dog

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Floppy CatThis is BoyCat. He came into our lives, because we have 3 female cats… and since he is a boy (like his name so artfully describes) we had the best yard apparently. He eventually would get into fights with the neighborhood males (of our female cats I assume, who are all fixed) to the point that he was constantly getting hurt and suffering. So we did the wise thing, captured him (he was friendly to me), and took him to the vet for some ‘snipping’. Apparently getting a male cat fixed is 1) Super easy and 2) Totally changes the cat. Getting Mr. BoyCat fixed, turned him into 1) a sleeping king 2) a lover of the petting and 3) a dog/squeaky toy. We call him a dog, because he acts like one… that and he ‘guards’ the house. I think our favorite thing is that he has become such a multi-purpose animal, in that he has also developed a TON of different noises to make. He can meow normally, drag out a long multi level meow, whine, and our favorites… his squeaks! When we pet him or move him or even just approach him, he will make a short meow/squeak noise in almost saying hello. Plus when he gets rather annoyed with us ‘messing with him’ he will deepen the squeak and it then turns into an almost sounding bark. We love him and he has totally stolen my heart. Plus, he is the absolute most fun cat to just mess with and tease.

Kitty’s Name: BoyCat
Name: Heather N
Where: Southern Coastal CA

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