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There are lots of cat books you can find and purchase in that are offered through the Cat Connection. Of course, we, as cat owners would want what’s best for our felines. Be it on care, grooming, safety, cat’s personality and attitude towards certain things, behavior or simply ways to pamper them.

So here are some of the cat books you can try and look for at the Cat Connection:

277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You To Know by Paulette Cooper and Paul NobleThis cat book explains why our cats love to scratch, purr as well as to shed. It also provides us with the easiest and friendly tricks on how to teach our cats on certain things, plus, 25 things we (cat owners/cat parents) do not know about cat food and the secrets to picking out the best darn cat in the world.

277 Secrets Your Cat Wants You To Know by Paulette Cooper and Paul Noble have won the Cat Writers Association award for Best Cat Book in its category providing such purr-fectly bewitching cat-alog of unusual and useful informations.

Holding in 238 pages with a price of only $12.95 (paperback style).

50 Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat by Arden MooreThis is a one-of-a-kind guide to grooming, exercising, feeding and showing extra Tender-Loving-Care to your cats. The book offers simple rules and easy ways to provide safety and fun for our kitties. You can find gourmet treats and cat meals you can prepare by yourself and go cruising with your cat in a high-style experience.

Share some play time with your felines with fun indoor games that are guaranteed to please and entertain both you and your pet. This cat book also has inside scoops on litter and helpful catnip clues plus more cat stuff!! Offered through the Cat Connection at $9.95 (paperback style).
The Cat Behavior Answer Book by Arden Moore This book offers Practical Insights and Proven Solutions for Your Feline Questions. With this cat behavior book can give you insights on your cat’s behavior an attitude. You can learn and understand your cat’s elicit purrs and what provokes the hisses.
Expert writer Arden Moore wrote this book explaining the mysteries behind your cat’s thoughts and actions. You’re sometimes wondering why your cat’s behavior suddenly changes or shifts from good then suddenly into a bad one, well, this book can certainly help explain the "why’s" and "how’s".

Moore also explains the finer points of catnip, hairballs, dead birds, lap kneading, litter box problems, and other complexities of cat behavior. This sturdy, fun-to-read handbook explains those catticisms and opens every cat lover’s eyes to the complexity of feline behavior. To know them is to love them!

Paperback issue with 336 pages at $14.95 only through the Cat Connection.

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