Booda® Balancing Ball by Petmate – Review by

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Booda® Balancing Ball by Petmate
Booda® Balancing Ball by Petmate

When Petmate sent us a big goodie box of products to review, included in it was the Booda® Balancing Ball by Petmate.

The Balancing Ball is a a plastic ball that has a plastic stem on it and hanging off the end is a bunch of feathers (see photo).  It has a weight on it, so that when a cat bats at it, it will re-balance itself to stand up straight again, encouraging the cat to bat at it again and again.

I brought the Balancing Ball over to my friends’ house to have their cat, Diablo, test it out.  However, when I was over there, I never was able to get a good video of him playing with it.  So they were able to shoot a couple and send them over to me to share for the review.  Check out the videos below of Diablo, a polydactyl cat, playing with the Balancing Ball.

You can buy the Booda® Balancing Ball by Petmate online through for $12.99.  I think you can also find it in Petsmart and Petco.



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