BONUS June Giveaway! Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand Reader Reports Back

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BONUS June Giveaway! Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand Reader Reports Back

Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air WandYou all know how much I love hearing from you about cat products – especially if you have won one on the site that we can share with other readers. Patti was lucky enough to win the BONUS June Giveaway! Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand from Petmate Products. Here’s Patti’s testimonial about the product:

Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand Reader Reports BackI received the BONUS June Giveaway! Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand from Petmate Products! prize package recently. This is a really nice product with a telescoping wand (lurve that feature!), a retractable cord with feather attachment and a detachable laser pointer you can wear on your finger (battery included…nice!).

As usual, Miss Pink Sugarbelle was very interested in the box. I introduced her to the product and let her smell it really well before I detached it from its packaging. Then, we had another sniffing session of all parts of the product just to be safe. 🙂

Miss Pink Sugarbelle isn’t much of a laser pointer kinda gal but I tried. She’s just “Meh. Sigh…” about the laser pointer part. However, the laser pointer works very well and is easy to wear on your finger. I can see where another kitty would really get a kick out of this part of the toy if said kitty were “laser crazy.” 🙂

Now, to the really important schtuff! The “fishy pole” functionality of this product. (NOTE: We refer to all wand toys in our home as “fishy poles” and she knows exactly what that means. If you ask Miss PSB if she wants to play “fishy pole” she runs to the hall closet, where the cherished “fishy poles” are kept, and will meow and wait for me to get one out to play with her. She will stretch herself up on her hind legs and rest her front paws as close to the doorknob on the closet door as she can while meowing to me. It’s really quite adorable and endearing.) 🙂

Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand Reader Reports Back

She really adores the feathers (her fave!) on this particular wand and enjoyed a rousing game of “fishy pole” with me right away. I did the best I could with the pictures to show her enjoying the wand part of the toy. Wish I could have done better but my hubby was busy doing other things and I’m definitely not the best photographer. Overall, I would say this is a decent wand toy. But, in my opinion, the Neko wands are better and more fun for Miss PSB. (She does not like the sound the retractor mechanism makes at all with this wand toy.)

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I looked this product up via Google and the average retail price for this toy is $19.99. Personally, I would rather invest in another Neko wand toy with my money than pay that price for this item but that’s just my opinion for what my baby girl would enjoy more. I guess she’s just spoiled with the Neko wands we have.

I’d give this a 3 out of 5 stars based on Miss Pink Sugarbelle’s disinterest in the laser and the dislike she has of the noise the retractor mechanism makes. (I probably won’t use the retractor much until it’s time to store it away after play time.) If I had a “laser crazy” kitteh, then I’d give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Once again, Jenny, thank you so much for providing so many awesome giveaways via!!!

Jackson Galaxy™ Laser Air Wand Reader Reports Back

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  1. Hi Patti, thanks for the review and the wonderful pics of Miss Pink Sugarbelle! My little Loki, who is now seven months old (how time flies) and growing up so fast into a BIG beautiful boy, has the non-laser version of this Jackson Galaxy feather toy. We call it “The Birdie” and he’s crazy about it. It lives on top of a cupboard and he always lets me know when he wants to play with it. Or, if I say “Loki wanna play with Birdie?” he knows exactly what I mean and runs to it.
    The only problem I have with the Jackson Galaxy wand toys is the metal wire. I really worries me that, in a fit of over-activity, he might get it caught in his mouth and break a tooth. I wish they’d use a cotton string, like Neko Flies. Also the little safety clip arrangement is a pain to unclip!

    1. Thank you so much, Wayne, for your nice comment and information! I can certainly understand your concern about the wire on the older version of this wand toy (sans laser). The one that I have does have a cotton string, thank goodness. We have a couple of Tiger Teaser wands that have the wire functionality but Miss PSB doesn’t go as crazy for those as she does her Neko wand toys. Those Neko folks know their wand toys!

      I lurve that Loki understands what you mean when you ask him to if he wants to play with The Birdie. So freakin’ adorable. These kittehs of ours are so smart, aren’t they?

      Take care!

      Big hugs!

      Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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