Bonus Giveaway! World’s Best Cat Litter Forest Scented Giveaway!

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We recently review World’s Best Cat Litter Forest Scented formula and liked it very much!  Now World’s Best Cat Litter is giving you a chance to win some!  There are 5 winners and each winner will receive two 6 lb bags of the Forest Scented Clumping formula.


Prize Package details – 2 – 6 lb bags of the Forest Scented Clumping formula
# of winners – 5
Open to Addresses in – USA Only

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win 2 – 6 lb bags of the Forest Scented Clumping formula:

  1. leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like this litter, for an additional entry!
  2. For an additional chances to win (up to 5 more chances), share this giveaway Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube, and leave a separate comment for each social network that you post it on – to let me know that you shared. Be sure to use the following hashtags: #floppycats #giveaway #wbcl and these Twitter handles: @floppycats @bestcatlitter when you post!  Here’s an example of what you could post: “Bonus Giveaway! World’s Best Cat Litter Forest Scented #Giveaway! @floppycats @bestcatlitter #wbcl #floppycats”

This giveaway ends on April 30, 2013 at 11:59 CT. A random winner* will be chosen in a drawing on May 1, 2013.

Please consider liking World’s Best Cat Litter on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest as a thank you for sponsoring this giveaway!

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*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited or restricted by law. Winners will be alerted via e-mail. The winner(s) of the giveaway are required to give Floppycats a physical address (to which the prize will be mailed) within 72 hours. If a reply email containing the physical address where the prize should be mailed is not received within 3 business days, alternate winner(s) will be chosen again by random. Winners may or may not be announced in a separate post following the drawing.


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  1. I’ve been using tidy cats pure nature litter, but ever since I have seen your review of this I think it will be an immense upgrade. So keeping fingers and paws crossed in hopes that Callie and I get a chance to win ^_^

  2. I just switched to this litter brand for my lovely Sailor Neptune and we both love it! It really helps mask the smell and super easy to scoop! Hope I can win this give-away! I’m sharing it on all of my social media networks! 🙂

  3. I have been researching the safest and best litter lately as we are getting a kitten and I read it about this somewhere else. I used Fresh Step in the past and even though it works well I am so concerned with the chemicals and what they must do to our lungs, cats and humans. This looks great and am anxious to try it.

  4. I’d love to try this! I’ve been using clay litter, previously I have used more natural litter and have been happy with them. I read about this on your site but haven’t tried it yet, I like that it is lightweight and seems to have a pleasant scent.

  5. I have used World’s Best Cat Litter original multi cat formula for years and it by far the best ever. I am down to just one kitty- a massive Ragdoll named Mr. Big, and would enjoy trying a different scent.

  6. My 4 kitties currently use World’s Best and would LOVE to try the Forest Scented. We actually mix WB with Arm & Hammer as the cats kept eating the World’s Best if it was by itself in the box. Now that they are older, i would like to phase out the Arm & Hammer if possible.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  7. I love World’s Best! My kitty has been using it for about a year now and it’s fantastic! I didn’t know they were making scented litter. I’d really like to try it!

  8. I would like to win a bag because my kitten already uses World’s Best litter, but I am almost ready to switch because it does not meet my needs for odor control. Maybe the forest scented would help in the department and I would like to experience it.

  9. I shared this link on Facebook. I was not sure how to post the link to that share because your Facebook link just “likes” your post does not have a “share” option. However I tagged Floppycats in the FB post I made as well as used your suggested hash tags!

  10. We’d like to try this litter, but we can’t find it locally and the shipping costs for a heavy item like this are more than our budget can stand. Charlie-teh-Floof is also very picky about litter (probably due to her magnificent bloomers) and the search to find one she likes is never-ending.

  11. World’s Best Cat Litter is the only litter I have ever used for my Ragdoll Tinkerbell! I love the unscented, have used the Lavender scent and am looking forward to trying the new forest scent!

  12. I have only used World’s Best Cat Litter with my Ragdoll Tinkerbell since I brought her home on Nov. 5 2012! I usually use the unscented, but recently tried the Lavendar scent, I am looking forward to trying the new fresh pine scent!

  13. I have been using worlds Best for a while now with my two ragdolls, Diamond and Mellow. I like that it is natural and it is the cleanest litter I have used. I usually use the unscented, but would love to try the forest scent. Thanks for the opportunity.

  14. I’d love to give this a try. Currently I live in Jamaica (I do have a US address though, to which I receive parcels) and we only have three brands of cat litter available here: Fresh Step, very rarely Arm & Hammer clumping litter & at only one pet store we can get Hagen Catit clumping litter. I’m desperate to try something healthier for my cats & have been thinking about buying this brand because of all the reviews.

  15. I have used Worlds Best for a few years now; I’ve tried other litters but nothing compares. I am currently owned by 12 friendly felines (I rescue stray and feral cats) and your litter is low tracking, has superior odor control (people can’t believe how many cats I have)-I recommend your litter to everyone I know. I am excited to try the new forest scented as soon as it is available in my area (NH).

  16. I use WBCL for moms with babies, and for the first couple months of life with the babies. I find the scented stuff makes it less interesting for babies to “sample”, and I would love to try this new scent–the other one is good for the kitties, but not quite as popular with the human family 😉

  17. Most of the time I just buy one of cheep brands of cat litter and change it often. After I read your review, I think I might give “The World’s Best Kitty Litter” a try. thank you

  18. I would really like this litter because i just got a cat and would love to try it out. I am very inexperience with cat litter maybe this would help me and my cat out. thanks

  19. World’s Best Cat Litter is the only litter I had used for my Ragdoll, Tinkerbell, until I bought another brand! What dust the other one had! And the smell was terrible! I will never use another brand for her litterbox again! I looked for the new scent at Rockwell’s Feed, Farm & Pet Supply, but they don’t have it yet! Thank you World’s Best Cat Litter!

  20. My 2 oldest cats happily use the original WBCL and I’d love to try the new Forest-scented one in the hopes that my youngest would check it out since she loves climbing trees and running around in the woods (which is where she found me/I found her).

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