Bonus Giveaway! Nature’s Logic Cat Food!

Post Published on June 6, 2012 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Who doesn’t love free food?! A big thank you to Nature’s Logic for sponsoring this giveaway!

Nature’s Logic pet foods are the first and only full-line of dry kibble, canned, and raw frozen pet food in the world with no chemically-synthesized vitamins or minerals. All nutrients in Nature’s Logic formulas are derived from whole foods and 100% natural ingredients.

Natures Logic Giveaway

Nature’s Logic features:

No Synthetic Vitamins or Minerals
High-quality Animal Protein
High-Protein/Low Carbohydrate
Carnivore-appropriate Starch, Millet

There is one winner and the winner will receive a Free Food Voucher for a) one 3-lb bag raw frozen OR b) nine 5.5 oz cans of Nature’s Logic to be redeemed at any Nature’s Logic retailer.

This giveaway is limited to addresses in the USA and Canada.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win one 3-lb bag raw frozen or nine 5.5 oz cans of Nature’s Logic up for grabs, then please:

  1. subscribe to our e-mail updates (if you’re already subscribed to our e-mail updates and are an active subscriber, then you don’t need to re-subscribe – you’re already entered!).
  2. leave a comment on this post telling us which flavor of and which type of food (one 3-lb bag raw frozen or nine 5.5 oz cans of Nature’s Logic) you’d like to receive for your cat, for an additional entry!  Visit Nature’s Logic’s website to see the choices.

This giveaway ends on June 26, 2012 at 11:59 CT. A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on June 27, 2012.

Please consider liking Nature’s Logic on Facebook or follow them on Twitter as a thank you for sponsoring this giveaway!

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31 thoughts on “Bonus Giveaway! Nature’s Logic Cat Food!

  1. Theresa says:

    I just subscribed. My Gerdie would love 5 cans of the chicken and 4 cans of duck & salmon. Thanks Nature’s Logic for this giveaway!

  2. Karen Hand says:

    This sounds like a great food, I would love to try the nine 5.5 oz cans of Nature’s Logic.


  3. Nance Epstein says:

    I’m very impressed with what appears to be extremely high quality ingredients in these foods. For my kitty, I would choose the frozen raw rabbit food, as rabbit is his favorite. We currently buy Primal raw food and RadCat, but I think the ingredients in the Nature’s Logic foods surpass those in the brands I have been getting.

  4. Brita says:

    Annie prefers chicken in the Wellness brand, so I’d love for her to try it in the Nature’s Logic brand, please!

  5. Diane Vaccaro says:

    After realizing that most of the high end, holistic canned and kibble cat foods were using products from China, I went on a mission to find a pet food company that understands the importance of avoiding those products. After transitioning my pets to a raw diet I have used and will continue to use Nature’s Logic. BooBoo loves the raw Chicken.

  6. Pamela C says:

    999 cans of Chicken, well a mix with the Salmon/Duck would be Ok. Thanks 4 the opportunity. I receive the newsletter.

  7. MeLinda Hughes says:

    We’d love to try the raw frozen. We’ve tried a couple of brands, but the cats haven’t found one they like yet.

  8. Ellen Wexler says:

    I think the canned Duck & Salmon. We have not yet tried NL’s frozen raw… we love all of their products that we have tried. My dog is eating their dry (with other good things) as are my cats. Thank you for this chance to win.

  9. Lisa Barrett says:

    Hum, tough choice. The cats eat canned but I’m considering switching them to raw. Therefore, I suppose I’ll take advantage of this excellent opportunity and try the raw frozen in rabbit. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  10. Teresa says:

    Grace, Mari, Chrissie, Pumpkin, and Sam would love to try this food! They are very picky eaters and would love to see how they like this, plus having the bonus of knowing they are getting food that is good for them without all kinds of chemicals in them. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  11. Laura says:

    My Penelope would LOVE nine cans in some combination of the chicken and duck/salmon. It sounds like a great product. Thanks so much!

  12. Stefanie says:

    I would love to try the cans!!! Most likely the duck & salmon, but I would really love to try the sardine oil!

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