Bonus Giveaway! It’s A Cat’s Life Winner

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Love, love, love when winners of giveaways report back and with photos!  So I wanted to share!  Floppycats’ reader, Nikki, won the Howie & Friends Bonus Giveaway! It’s A Cat’s Life.

Howie & Friends  Interactive Cat Book, It’s a Cat’s Life!Hi Jenny,

I wanted to thank you again for the prize and I am very sorry for getting these photos to you so late (work has been hectic and frantic at the same time); however, I wanted to share some quality photos of Cinna (my foster-failure kitty-momma) with her keepsake book.  I bought a new camera for myself for Christmas, and these photos are the result.  I posted one to FB this evening, as well!

I really love the story behind the book and all of the details it captures!  I’ve been going back through my photo archives hunting for images to populate many of the pages.  Since I began fostering Cinna shortly after she had her first litter (she was only about 8½ months old when I collected her and her babies from the animal shelter and rescued them from euthanasia), I don’t have all the customary kitten pictures, but I do have several of her nursing her kittens.

Howie & Friends  Interactive Cat Book, It’s a Cat’s Life!I’ve never been into scrap-booking previously, but since receiving this book, I have found myself looking for scrap-booking supplies!  🙂

Thank you again for your fantastic site and informative product reviews and happy give-aways!

Kind regards,

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