Bonus Giveaway! A Cat Water Fountain from Keith Davitt Cat Fountains

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Keith Davitt of Thirsty Cat Fountains on Etsy is offering another cat fountain up for grabs!

Below are some photos of his wonderful fountains. The winner will select the color from currently and recently offered colors and then Keith will pick a special fountain for the winner from those color options.

Cat Water Fountain Keith Davitt

Cat Water Fountain Keith Davitt

Ceramic Cat Water Fountain Keith Davitt

There is 1 winner.

This giveaway is limited to addresses in the USA and Canada.

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If you’d like to enter for a chance to win one of Keith Davitt’s Thirsty Cat Fountains:

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Can’t wait? The coupon code floppycat2012 will give you 10% off any order. Get your 10% discount WHEN YOU ENTER THE CODE floppycat2012 INTO THE COUPON CODE BOX. Underneath the payment options when you go to checkout are the words: “apply shop coupon code”.  Click on that and enter the code and 10% will automatically be deducted.

This giveaway ends October 31, 2012 at 11:59 CT.  A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on November 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi! My six kitties would really appreciate this fountain, especially Nairobi, who turns 20 this month! It would be a great happy birthday present to my old girl! I would love blue as it reminds me of tropical beaches I’ve been to….especially because its getting COLD here….brrr! >^..^<

  2. What a wonderful addition to our home one of these fountains would make. We would choose one in the blue family to match my ragdoll’s beautiful blue eyes. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this fountain giveaway.

  3. They’re beautiful!! Clover’s Daddy and I will be married in a month, and this would be a great addition to the home we’re making for us and our beloved pets! Clover’s getting too grown for the sink, so I know she would love her very own fountain. <3

  4. Omg!! A bowl that Mooshu might not be able to bat around the room and spill out all the water!! Or lay in!!! Hahaha! Love them all…but would die for the top pictured one! The green and brown matches our home perfect!!

  5. I would love to have one of these beautiful fountains for our 3 cats! I know several people who have cat fountains and they (cats and cat parents) love them! Any of them would be great to have, but to chose one I think it would be the blue. Thank-you.

  6. I would love to win this for my two kitties…Leo and Gracie..Leo wakes me up early so I can turn on the water in the kitchen sink so she can have a drink…My dog Ava guards her water bowl because Gracie puts things in the water..She ‘drowns’ her ‘prey’ catnip mousies,crumpled up paper,ribbons..This makes Ava mad..We need this fountain in order to restore peace and harmony in our house..I think the grey/green fountain would look wonderful in our kitchen..!!

  7. My 2 rag dolls would love this fountain. They really love the running water, they always try to drink out of the faucet when I have it on. My favorite color is blue and so is theirs since they have the pretties blue eyes. Please pick us.

  8. this would be awesome for my little stormy cat. shes the only cat ive ever seen that actually likes playing in water and she wont drink water from her bowl oh no she will wait till youre at a faucet, kitchen or bathroom, then she’ll stay there till she gets her fill. also showers with anyone who will let her. thats why though this fountain would be perfect for her unique behaviors.

  9. I love this one: Ceramic Cat Fountain, Handmade, Foodsafe – “Caribbean Mist- 8 Plus Inch Diameter, the Caribbean glaze misted over Tan stoneware is beautiful and I would be proud to have that in my kitchen. It’s a work of art really. Plus Leonardo would love the moving water. As things are right now I have to stand over his water bowl and pour some water in to get his attention to drink. This is every single day ::sigh:: and still he’s confused by it and has to put his dirty paws in it anyway.

  10. I have three Ragdolls, a tabby and my son recently brought home a solid black little bundle (K.O. – the newest addition is so tiny and seems like he’s going to stay really small). We have water dishes sitting everywhere, but they all love the moment I put fresh water in their bowls. I change it often, but they would love the fountain. I love the green with the brown in it, but think they are all beautiful!

  11. These are so beautiful; actual art, instead of the usual plastic ones. We lost our beloved ragdoll Lincoln, named for my favorite president, and are about to adopt two ragdoll brothers. I can just see them drinking together at the fountain. I’m partial to the dark green.

  12. Thanks for the giveaway. It is awesome that you are able to review and giveaway product. I asked my mom to type this comment for me since my typing isn’t up to purr… I would love to have water that moves. I think I would drink a lot more and that would be healtier for me. If I do win any color would do but my home is in the brown/beige family. Meow!! (thanks) Sergio. >.,.<

  13. These are outstanding creations – any of the colors would look nice in our home and my ever-so-curious raggie would play all day with it! If I had to chose a style, I would say I like the blue one because of the drinking fountain look. The other styles are nice too just not as easy to play paw splash!

  14. i’ve been wanting one of these for so long! i think the name of the color i love is mahogany rose gold. something like that. it would look beautiful in our living room and the cats would love it!!

  15. My girls love your fountains. I’d love to get a deep intense blue one in a bigger size for my larger Maine Coon. Nora and Maggie and the extended family at our favorite catteries are officially your fan club.

  16. My Ragdolls would love this water bowl especially the one that has two water pipes for two of my guys at a time. My new Ragdoll Lochland would go crazy over these bowl …He love moving water of any kind!!!!

  17. My guys vote for the blue or green. My newest baby is a ragdoll and he refuses to drink water. We have tried every shape and size of container. Maybe he would prefer this beautiful, artistic, ceramic fountain. My two older boys say, “bring on the fountain”. And the dog, well she is happy with just about anything.

  18. i love the dark blue one, a dark olive green would be cool but spooky would not care as long as he is able to drink fresh tasting water all day. my six month old american shorthair is already spoiled rotten!

  19. Pls. enter my beloved kitty named Buddy! I entered him in the last giveaway for Keith’s fountain b/c Buddy does not drink alot of water and I thought the moving water might prompt him to drink more water. If he is a lucky boy
    this time, he would like the variegated blue b/c it is very pretty and he is all boy

  20. Wow! A chance to win one of Keith’s beautiful fountains! They are all amazing but I especially love the cobalt blue color. I really like the design of the fountain in the middle picture because it creates a drip style flow. My kitty, Zak, seems interested in dripping water only and needs one desperately because of his kidney disease. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  21. Any color would be fine. I have a decorative fountain sitting on my table and I’m always coming in the room just as one of our 3 cats jump off the table with water dripping off. The dripping water makes me suspicious that they really like the fountain and would love one they can get to without getting on the table they know they are not supposed to be on. ;o)

  22. I would love to win the dark green fountain for my cat, Pharoah. Pharoah will only drink water from the bathroom faucet, so I would love to see if he would also like drinking fresh running water from one of these fountains.

  23. My 2 would really love those- I love the blue- but the green is pretty too. Mine love to play in the water and sleep in the sink..I love to watch them dip their paws in.. like testing the waters..

  24. Chloe and Sachi were rescued from a foreclosure home garage. Any of the earthtones would be wonderful: tans, browns, mossy greens, earth reds. I’ve been on the website. They’re beautiful.

  25. Blue to match their eyes! My Pollux had crystals form in his kidneys last year so now he has to be on a special diet and I need to make sure there is always lots of water for him. He won’t drink out of anything that isn’t running anymore!

  26. I have 4 beautiful black beauties who are all rescues. They would just love this water fountain. I’m sure they would prefer the light colored aqua one. Thank you for running this Bonus Giveaway…..I’m sure it will be much appreciated by who ever is the lucky kitty to win it.

  27. These are just wonderful! So much earthier and natural than the metal or plastic ones I have been seeing on-line. I understand also, that fresh running water is so much healthier for your pets. After loosing my two Maine Coon boys nearly two years ago, I have decided that I am ready to be a “Mom” again and am anxiously awaiting for the arrival of two darling little Ragdoll kittens in December. I know they would just love, love, love having a “seafoam green” drinking fountain! Thanks!

  28. We think this would be really great to play in, as well as drinking from , of course! We have lots of water bowls, but none as nice as this. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  29. I have 2 cats, CT and Kitt-Kat who would love this especially because I also have a dog that tends to mess up their water and I have to constantly be on top of changing it. I would like the Sable color.

  30. I’m a fan of muted earth tones – rust, dark brown, tan, olive, etc. These fountains are absolutely lovely and I really like the use of the copper for spouts. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  31. My five kitties would love to have continually running water to drink from. I don’t think they have a color preference, and mom would appreciate any color but especially likes that first one pictured, which is dark brown/greenish-blue. Thank you for this opportunity! >^..^<

  32. My cat will be celebrating his tenth birthday on October 15, and would love to have the gorgeous April Blue colored fountain. He has suffered from bladder stones in the past, so this fountain would really encourage him to drink more water!

  33. Etsy seems to be down at the moment but looking at his FB page I would love a blue toned fountain, such as 2 Blue, Caribbean Fete etc.

    Wonderful and quality made product!

  34. I LOVE the dark green one- matches my pottery! My female Rag, Hopi, currently tips over the cat water dispenser! It is in one of those with the clear bottle at the top… She just tips the entire thing over and walks away! She loves the sink, however. I think the fountain style might make her happy with the flowing water! It would also leave a bigger “pool” area for dropping her “babies” in, as she carries stuffed baby kittens around and leaves them in the water!

  35. My kitties LOVE to drink from the faucet in the bath tub. I bet they would really appreciate a stylish fountain over the faucet. Their favorite color is any shade of blue. 🙂 They promise to take good care of the fountain and use it every day!

  36. I really like the top pic color on the blog post here…the variegated dark brown & green. My two 10 year old fur-balls would love it…They used to have a plastic fountain, but the pump always clogged up with hair…and it was a pain to take apart & clean. Plus plastic is bad!

  37. I love the first color option, very beautiful! My sweeties sure would love on of these to drink from. I think it would be a great help for my finicky little lady – the vet even recommended one to get her to drink more. And baby boy would think it is fun to play with. Hope we win!

  38. I would love to win this! Money is tight here right now and along with my ragdoll Fozzie I am taking care of 5 kittens untill I can find them homes. It’s so hard to get my cats to drink more water. These fountains are beautiful!! Thanks for the giveaway!! 🙂

  39. Having recently adopted a shelter dog, he has decided that he really prefers the kitties’ water fountain to his bowl of water (regardless of how fresh it is), so I think this would be a great treat for my kitties to have their own water fountain once more! They love the fountains (have had three), though I love this one…and really like the cobalt blue color and the dark green, as well.

  40. My Siamese loves flowing water from the tap, and would probably bathe in the fountain. I think Cobalt blue would really set off his beautiful blue eyes. Soon he will be joined by a Red Point Ragdoll (next week!) another blue-eyed beauty. Your fountains are all beautiful, but Cobalt Blue is our top choice. Thanks!

  41. These are great! My kitty would love the running water in these fountains. I can see him splashing now! I like the dark green with the goldy copper?!?!? What a win this would be.

  42. April Blue is my personal favorite as it will match the eyes of my soon to be adopted Ragdoll mix! Cat’s love these fountains, but I’ve never had one, usually too expensive.
    Thanks for doing this! 🙂

  43. I have a 12″ lotus fountain from Thirsty Cat Fountains. The kittens took right to it, and it is beautiful. I would love to have the dark green one shown here for my bedroom. We enjoy the waterfall sounds and the kittens are drawn to the moving water. This is the BEST FOUNTAIN I HAVE EVER SEEN AND OWNED!!!! It is so beautiful and a breeze to clean!!! My FAVORITE!

    Watch my 11 week old kitten drinking from the 12″ Lotus Cat Fountain!! It is beautiful, and we all love it~

  44. Oh my gosh-the fountains are beautiful! I have 4 rescue kitties, who’ve all been through tough times, so they appreciate everything and anything they get. They all love running water, and my old plastic fountain has seen better days, so one of these pottery fountains would be a gorgeous replacement!! I like the darker greens/browns, but we’re not fussy-any color will work. Thank you.

  45. My four cats have a plastic fountain from Catit that worked o.k., except that it’s PLASTIC and it getting yucky looking. Plastic parts don’t work so well after a bit, the pump is going and the ceramic fountains seem the way to go.(I am also tired of my husband’s swearing when trying to get it back together) 🙂 They would LOVE the darkish green colored bowl with the copper accents…gorgeous design! Or any of the bowls…they are all so beautiful! Lost my job due to outsourcing so a free fountain would be a plus!

  46. Van Gogh and Voltaire need a fountain for the bedroom! We love our 12″ water fountain in the kitchen!!! Super Easy to Clean and more than Beautiful addition to any room 🙂

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