Blue Naturally Fresh- Natural Cat Litter by Blue Buffalo

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Blue Naturally Fresh Quick Clumping Cat Litter, 34 lbs.The Blue Buffalo Company is one to look for the next time you need to buy cat litter. They have introduced three new kinds of cat litter that are all natural and safe for the environment. It is available in Quick Clumping Formula, Quick Clumping Multi-Cat Formula and Non-Clumping Pellet Formula, and is sold under the Blue Naturally Fresh brand of cat products.

Walnut shells are used in this product to give maximum odor control. Litterbox odor issues along with box containment of litter is a problem for cat lovers throughout the world, particularly multi-cat households. There are all sorts of litters that use all sorts of materials for odor control, however walnuts shells are certainly unique.

This litter forms clumps in 15 minutes which according to tests is faster than other leading absorbents, thus making Blue Naturally Fresh easier to clean-up. Also unlike most other litters there is no dust so that your cat's paws stay clean and there are to particles that your cat may breathe into their lungs.

The non-Clumping pellet formula has the same odor controlling, non-dust properties for those who prefer a pellet formula. As this product is all natural and environmentally safe it can be used with confidence knowing that you are doing what is best for both the environment and your cat. All at the same time keeping your home litter box dust and odor free.

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