Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll Playing with Bottle Cap

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It seems like Trigg only ever plays with things when I am busy doing something or when my boyfriend is busy playing party casino.

So I decided to try my best and see if I could get him playing with a bottle cap.  I woke him up from a nap and took him upstairs to my master bath.  I grabbed two Mountain Valley water bottles and quietly closed the pocket door behind us.  You see, I have always had Mountain Valley water bottles since he was a little kitten, and when I unscrew the cap, he would look at me.  So I started to throw the cap across the room, and he enjoyed chasing after it and batting it around.  Since they are "sport caps" he discovered that the little clear part on top (see video) was very fun to play with and fun to haul around in his mouth.  So I tried my best to duplicate these results in the video below.  Check out the video below – he does some pretty hilarious little hops for almost no reason whatsoever – he's my quirkly little guy.  Maybe I can try again when he's a little more active, in other words, not when I have just woken him up from a nap.

Did you see Trigg's quirky jumps? How funny are those?

Do your cats play in front of you, or do they wait until you are distracted to play with something?  Of course, he is always game to play on cat climbing trees and other cat playpens when I have a cat wand toy and try to entice him to move from one thing to another.  However, when it comes to playing on his own, it is alwways when my attention is focused elsewhere.

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