Blue-Gem Ragdolls

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by Mary Alexander
(Pepperell, Massachusetts)

Blue-Gem Ragdolls

We have 20 years of successful experience breeding in the dog and cat fancy. We have been breeding and showing Mastiffs under the kennel name of Ironclad Mastiffs for over 20 years. Breeder of multiple Best in Show, record breaking Mastiffs. Breeder and owners of Blue-Gem Siamese since 1990. We added Ragdolls to our Breeding program in 2007.

As Ragdoll breeders; our motto is Breeding for “type, temperament and soundness” This is a motto we have carried in all our breeding programs for 20 years. First we breed for health, you must have a sound foundation to build your breeding program on first. The underlying foundation for every breeder should always be health, temperament and soundness. Without these attributes, even the most perfect specimen is useless to a breeding program. If we lose sight of these qualities while proceeding with a breeding program based on phenotype only, we and more importantly our cats, will be the losers in the long run.

Next is temperament, very import factor to produce the Ragdolls trademark gentle giant teddy bear temperament. And last, breeding for type and beauty. Ragdolls are one of the most beautiful cats on earth. And nothing is more exquisite than a sound health beautiful cat. It is this combination that has allowed us to have a successful breeding programs for many years.

When we take it upon ourselves to plan and produce living entities, we must also accept the responsibility to ensure that they are sound in mind and body and are cared for by ourselves or other conscientious guardians for the rest of their lives. This means not only breeding sound animals, but what methods do you use to place non-breeding quality cats in appropriate homes and what is your method of ensuring that non-breeding quality kittens are not unintentionally or intentionally used for breeding to over populate the population of unwanted cats in shelters.

Myself, I take this responsibility very serious. I am a breeder, not just breeding cats. I’m a ambassador for the Ragdoll. I’m just here for a short time in the history of the Ragdoll cat. I hope that if anything I have done for this breed, it would be to leave it a little better off before I came along.


Mary Alexander
Blue-Gem Ragdolls

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4 thoughts on “Blue-Gem Ragdolls

  1. Donna Savoy-Carey says:

    Hi Mary
    I bought a seal point Siamese from you 14 years ago when he was 4 months old. You named him Sammy. I named him Niles Alexander. My mother bought a Rag Doll named Zippity Do Da from you also. Do you still breed Siamese?


    I absolutely adore my seal point mitted kitten from Mary. He is gorgeous and so sweet with tons of affection. I am looking to adopt another kitten from you. What you do is appreciated, you bring authenticity to the Ragdoll breed.

    Again thank you for my beautiful baby boy Ragdoll!


  3. Mary R. says:

    I just wanted everybody to know how impressed we were with you, you Floppy Kitties are absolutely gorgeous, we would definitly get another kitten from you, give us time and we will be back, it was such a pleasure meeting you, and yes there is nothing like a Floppy Cat!!!

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