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  1. Hello – I am new here. I just lost my first Ragdoll to cancer about a month ago. I adopted (3) kittens from the shelter but I am still debating about getting another Ragdoll. I just got her by chance through a friend 10 years ago when she couldn’t keep her any longer. She was the sweetest, most loving, easy going cat I have ever had. She would always purr whenever I petted her.
    I am having a hard time finding the Ragdoll rescue sites to search for a new friend.
    Can anyone please help me?
    Thank you,

    1. Lisa,

      Unfortunately there isn’t one Ragdoll Rescue that is nationwide. Ragdoll Rescue NW is a good resource – but they only operate in the Northwestern USA. http://www.ragdollrescue.com/

      Also, I list Ragdoll Rescues all the time on my blog site – http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/ragdoll-rescue – so any cat needing adoption is listed there.

      Where are you located? You might also check Petfinder.com and Craig’s List and be sure to join the Yahoo! Group for Ragdoll Rescue – http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ragdollrescue/


      1. Lisa:
        I am not sure where you are located, but there are Ragdolls in need everywhere in the United States. We only focus on Texas, Lousiana, OK, and New Mexico, but there are many other Ragdoll rescues in the US. Also, check Petfinder and Petharbor but look under Siamese, Snowshoe Balinese, Himalayans. Strangely enough (and I am not certain how they cannot know Ragdolls), most shelters classify Ragdolls as one of the above breeds. Despite our attempts to educate many shelters in Texas, we often find cats in need on PetHarbor, Petfinder, and Save-A-Pet under these breeds. Good luck and please let me know if I can help.


    2. Lisa,
      I am desperately trying to find a loving home for my 4 yr. old female Ragdoll. I just posted the info. on the rehoming link but it’s not up yet. Please contact me if you would like to disucss the situation.


      1. I’m a disabled, retired Vet tech that is looking for a Raggdoll who will be my sitting, laying and crying companion. My only other Raggdoll, who passed of old age 12 years ago) used to come to me when I cried and wouldn’t leave until she had to go bather herself dry. I miss her so much that just thinking of her still kills me. Best of luck in finding the right home and right people for your little love.

        Blessings to you and yours,

    3. Hi, i had two several cats with cancer, and i am concerned about the food and cat liter, i fed them the best food in the store, and used the good cat liter, even the vet is questioning what is going on, i had two older cats that died , one with bladder cancer, and thyroid disease, he was 15.5 which is getting up there, one had bone cancer of soft tissue and i even read where the vaccines can cause this kind, she was 16, she did so good, up until i got her vaccine, rabies, and that other cat shot. and katy had mammory cancer, like breast cancer, she had the rabies shot right before we found out about the cancer. I am very concerned about this, is anyone else??? olene

      1. Hi Olene,

        I’ve had several with cancer myself. Willie was only 5 when we lost him. Jesse James was 19 – and he had two types of cancer. One was from vaccines. He had surgery to remove the tumors at 18 – and lived another year – actually happier and healthier than before. Old age finally got him.

        The best foods? There are so may different opinions on that. My gang grew up on Friskies & 9-Lives. Many people consider them “cheap foods” – but none have ever been recalled? And my cats lived to 18, 19 years old.

        My current gang are also on that, along with Friskies Dry, I tried some super duper brands and they ended up with UTI’s. We went back to Friskies.

        Morgan is diabetic and he eats Fancy Feast, Purina One and Evo Dry. Evo is the first dry he’s ever been allowed because it’s so low carb. I like Evo because zero ingredients from China.

        I think you need to feed what you are comfortable with. As far as shots – I only do rabies/distemper now.

        Hope that helps!


  2. hi, i think i wrote once, but i found an ad on this site , i think her name was maggie, and she does oil paintings of cats, she even told me the price, but i lost the address, im pretty sure she was on this site, i sent her the pics of my cat, but she has passed away now, and i knew it wouldn’t be long, so i contacted her, does anyone have any idea how to get in touch with her. My katy died of mamory, or breast cancer, she also had a tumor on her lower adomen. She was ten, she wasn’ta ragdoll but she was my doll, She was a tortoise shell color. thanks olene

  3. Hi everyone!
    I am the very proud owner of a kitty named Henri. He is part Siamese and part tabby. Lately I’ve been thinking about getting another cat. Herni has been our only pet for four years but he’s been getting lazy and I think a playmate my be just right. I don’t know much about ragdoll kitties so I figured this is a great place to come to find out more. Two questions:
    1. Is it a good idea or bad idea to introduce a new cat to the household?
    2. What makes ragdoll’s different… aside from their beautiful eyes and fur?

    1. HI Katherine,

      Please feel free to share your Henri’s story by using this link – he can appear on the blog that way – http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/landing-pages/0/0/ragdoll-cat-stories%20Save%20Page

      As far as your questions are concerned:

      1. I would ask your vet, they might have a good take based on Henri. Of course, if you do get a new kitty – I would recommend a very slow introduction – read more about it here – https://www.floppycats.com/how-to-introduce-cats.html – you would probably have a better chance introducing a kitten to Henri. Is Henri 4 years old or he’s been the only pet for 4 years? If he is older than 10 – then sometimes two kittens (so they will play with each other) is better.
      2. It’s their docile, laid back personality! They are typically very mellow cats and that’s why they are great with children.

      Feel free to visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/floppycats to join the discussion there.


  4. I am looking for a cat to adopt that looks like 10-year old Dente, owned by Sharon O’Rourke on the seal point page. Could be an adult or kitten (seal point, mitted, white chin looks like dente) Does anyone know who I can contact? I’m also looking for temperament too but this kitty looks like my beloved Kiva who has captured my heart.

    Thanks, Amie

  5. Hi,
    I am new here, and this whole site mesmerizes me. I have been interested in Ragdolls for as long as i can remember, and FINALLY adopted two right before Christmas this year. Henley is a 4 month old seal point traditional and Bella is a 6 month old seal mitted mink. They are both so precious. I can’t seem to get enough information. I read everything I can find on ragdolls. If anyone can suggest a specific book of source (aside from this website, of course) I would welcome the info. My main question, though, is about cat litter. The lady I purchased the kittens from used Worlds Best Cat Litter, and said to use that of Swheat. I personally couldn’t stand the way Worlds Best smelled, and I read somewhere one here about bugs being in Swheat. Can I have some suggestions? I’ve had cats before and have really paid no attention to what kind I used. I just got whatever masked the smell the best. The more I read the more I know I SHOULD be concerned. This is a whole different WONDERFUL world for me – I need all the info I can get!

  6. Hi Angie,

    I have 5 cats, and 6 litter boxes. I use Worlds Best in my Litter Maid and I love it. The multiple cat version is nasty, but I love the regular. I also have a Scoop Free with a permanent tray, which uses Crystals. The Crystals smell great – not perfumey, but very clean. I also use 8 in 1 Fresh Results (available at WalMart) in the rest of the boxes.

    All the litter except the crystals is clumping. One of my cats – Captain Morgan the Pirate Gato is a diabetic, and as tiny as he is he pees like a racehorse. All of these litters work well with him. Amigo and Apache are huge, again lots of pee with no problem. Each has their own favorite box to use.

    None of my gang are Ragdolls – but Willow is a definite snowshoe mix rescued from a storm drain in Puerto Rico.

    I also love this site – and look forward to the every day updates. Jenny does a wonderful job with it.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Look forward to seeing pics of your babies!


  7. Our 5 year old male Ragdoll has been in the vet hospital for a week, he had stopped eating for a few days and there was pee but no poo in his litter box. We initially thought he was constipated or had a nasty fur ball? Anyway, the vet immediately thought is was a kidney problem and had blood tests and an x-ray done… each kidney had a little white spot so an ultra sound was just done this morning, turns out to be kidney stones?!? The report won’t be available for a few days but they are indicating he needs surgery, he is still not eating on his own 🙁 We live in BC Canada, the vet said the surgery needed might only be available in Seattle, Wa.? He is an awesome cat and we will do whatever it takes to get him well! …Has anyone had a similar experience?
    Changing his diet will be difficult, he is the finickiest cat we have every had, well we’ve only had one other… a barn cat that ate anything and everything 😐 Buster the ragdoll will only eat “Royal Canin special 33” & “Temptations” (chicken flavour) … no chewing, just swallows them whole? I just dropped off a bag of both to the vets to see if he’ll at least eat a bit on his own… now I’m searching he WWW for answers 🙁

  8. I have a question to ask anyone who has had ragdolls for a while. I have written about my two before. Several months ago the oldest of the two was spayed. Everything went great. Henley, my 7 month old, was spayed 11 days ago and it was so different. I realize they are going to react to being put to sleep differently, but Henley could not seem to wake up enough to be herself several hours after we got home (Bella, on the other hand, was up and acting halfway normal when I got home with her). Henley wouldn’t eat or drink anything, so I fed her water with a dropper that night. When she woke up she kept backing up, like she was afraid. Since then she doesn’t want me to rub her for more than a few seconds. She starts backing up if I start to rub her head. She’s ripping around here chasing Bella, so i think she feels fine as far as surgery goes. It’s just worrying me that she seems to be afraid or not like being petted now. I don’t want her cute personality to change because of being spayed. I don’t know if this can happen, but I had to ask. She is just being more aggressive….NOT all sweet and loving. She’s never really been crazy about being held, but she enjoyed being petted and loved on. Has anybody ever had this happen? I feel funny calling the vet because nothing really seems to be wrong…..just her behavior. Anyone???

    1. I
      m a retired vet tech and it sounds as though a female tech scared the bejesus and possibly hurt your baby getting her out of the kennel. I hate to say this, but a lot of techs are worthless. We had one that was so mean to the anilas that on her second morning, we took her out back and did all the things she did to the animals. Hmmmm, she quit right after lunch that day and we black listed her to every Veterinarian in California, Nevada and Arizona.
      Love her, let her tell you what she’ll tolerate and give her time.
      If she was frightened as she was coming out of anesthesia, (they hallucinate while coming out) she may go right back there when you touch her. See if it’s the top of her head or maybe the scruff. If it’s the scruff, it was hallucinations, I’ll just bet.
      As far as your other baby, he was under for a few minutes and probably first thing in the am. Where your little girl was probably done later in the morning or day and was still quite under the influence. I hope this helped answer you questions.
      Peace, love and harmony to you and yours,

  9. Ok. I guess June is SHEDDING season in NY. My 6 month old Ragdoll is leaving tumbleweeds blowing around. I have vacuumed three time today and it’s only 4:00pm!
    Please tell me this will subside during summer. What should I expect the rest of the seasons?

    I gave her a bath which she is not too fond of. I think she is shedding more if that is possible. lol

    Also , is a brush or comb better on Ragdoll fur?


    Rolling in fur (:

  10. Need help on a problem – very soft stool.. Kitten is 5 months old. One veterinary gave me the new kitten food – kitten 34(Royal Canin) to feed her – wrong food! She was on kitten 36 and was fine. Seems to really have upset her digestive tract. I currently have her back on kitten 36. I will probably contact her veterinary tomorrow. Any suggestions as to what to do from experienced Ragdoll Cat owners? Lenore

    1. How much wet food are you giving your cat ? I giv mine half a pouch in the mornin and half a pouch at night with a bowl of dry all day long to graze on.

      1. I give Charlie and Trigg 3 (small) cans each/day and no dry food. They are a perfect weight – now if I could just get myself to a perfect weight!

      2. Royal Canin is high in corn. Ragdolls (in my experience as a Ragdoll rescuer) often have corn allergies. You may very well be feeding her the food that is causing the diarrhea. Look for grain-free, especially corn/soy free foods, like Innova EVO, Felidae Grain-Free, etc. There are both canned and dry varieties. Then, add a pro-biotic (forti-flora, bene-bac) to his food to help balance his digestive tract. You can also add some pumpkin (pure fiber) to his canned food (about a teaspoon) to help stop the diarrhea.

      3. now they like about everything because they don’t get dry. they like fancy feast, nature’s variety, avoderm, tiki cat, petcurean, and others. i try to give them only the human grade ones until we switch to raw, which i need to stop talking about and just do.

  11. Hi,just wanted to say and let ppl know about Bob Martin flea products,my last cat was killed wen we treated her (Molly) with bob martin flea products,we basically drugged her so much she didn’t know what she was doin all because bob Martin flea products use a chemical that no other flea products use. Please get your cat proper flea products like front line from a proper vet,the cat dosage goes off how much your cat weighs. Bob Martin flea products can KILL your cat FACT.

  12. I am hoping one of you can help. I have a 5 month old Blue Mitted and he is the gasiest kitten I have ever met. He clears the room with his gas. I changed his food almost a month ago to Blue Buffalo kitten wet & dry. With this being glutuen free, I thought it would work. It did get a little better, but didn’t clear it up. Does anyone have any suggestions? We love to cuddle with our Mushu, and would enjoy it more if he was smell free. Thanks

  13. Katrina:
    No, I recommend you not use Blue Buffalo. I am surprised he doesn’t have diarrhea to go with the gas. We switched to it for about two months a year ago and every cat here had the most horrendous diarrhea (though I have heard from others that they have not had this problem). I recommend Innova EVO or Felidae Grain-Free or another totally Grain-Free food. Also, start giving him greens (oat grass, wheat grass). You can grow it small pots and he will eat it, or you can harvest it for him and put him on some canned food. Jenny’s suggestion of pro-biotics (bene-bac, forti-flora, etc.) is also a great one. You want to get his digestive tract balanced. Good luck.

  14. Hi, I’m new here. I’ve got a beautiful Ragdoll from a neighbors who’s son wanted to find a new home for her. Her name is Chloe. Okay, I had another Ragdoll before this, Eddy. We lost him earlier this year. He started to lose all his back fur and it kept getting worse. But he still acted fine for the most part, but got this weird sneeze. Before I could find out what was causing the problem, he got out accidentally, and we never saw him again.

    Back to the present: When we got Chloe, just a couple months ago, she was really, really huge, with fur. Very, very furry. The owner we’d gotten her from had found her about a year ago in a wooded area behind there home, and kept her for a while, got her shots, groomed, all of that. They even got her shaved when they first got her, ’cause her fur was so long and matted, lotsa knots. When her fur grew back, I think it came in extra thick and long. I’ve tried to keep her brushed regularly, but she cleans herself a lot and really knots her fur up. And she shed a whole lot, it got all over the house. But now, just a couple months later, her fur is still ragdollish, but not as long and thick as when we got her. She seems smaller. But what really worries me is that her fur on her lower back seems a lot thinner, and I can see her skin. It’s not scabby or anything, but I don’t like that it’s gotten so thin back there. Her upper body and head are still full. We’ve got two other cats, not Ragdolls, and this hasn’t happened to them. I will take her to a vet, but in the meantime, has anybody ever experienced this with a Ragdoll or have any idea what may be causing this? I love my Chloe and want her to be well and happy, please help!!!

  15. Don’t know a thing about Blogs, so I hope I’m doing this correctly. I lost my ragdoll mix about 3 years ago (I had him for 17 years) and now I’m ready to start again. Gizzy was a rescue I took from my former boss and would very much like to give a loving home to another ragdoll looking for a forever home. I have no children but and would very much like another feline “baby”. Can someone please e-mail me and tell me what I need to do. I live in southeast Texas and would travel (within reason) to pick up another special friend.

  16. JoJo:
    Please feel free to e-mail me at melindahug 65@wildblue.net or call me at 972-872-9346. I am not sure where in Southeast Texas you are living, but we are probably the closest Ragdoll rescue to you. We have numerous Ragdolls, both purebred and mixed. You can see all of our gorgeous Ragdolls at http://www.merlinshope.petfinder.com. We would love to have the chance to work with you. Look at last week’s Ragdoll of the week. Our precious Brynn and her buddy Hallow were Ragdoll of the Week. We also have Sapphirebrerry coming up as Ragdoll of the week, next week I think.


  17. I fell in love with the first RagDoll I ever saw, 25 or 30 years ago. But we already had 2 cats – a mama who wandered into our yard and gave birth to a large litter in our daughter’s sandbox and her “son” – and 2 dogs – one we found wandering at sundown on the 605 freeway and the other someone tied up to out front door. Adding a new (and expensive) kitty to our menagerie was out of the question.
    Over the years I never forgot that Ragdoll vision – but there was the rescued greyhound racer, the abondoned Borzoi, the unwanted and the unloved canines and felines always found a place in our home and our hearts. Well now its just “moi” and an elderly Chinese Crested powder Puff – its lonely but that leaves room at last to satisfy that decades old yearning for my own sweet Ragdoll.
    An Expensive kitty would be a concern but affordability is not. I live in Palm Desert, Ca which is in Riverside County. Any suggestions, advice, alerts on a rescue would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Hi Jenny! My husband call her this morning and she told to him the cat is 10 years old, we’re looking for a kitty, if you know anything else please contact me. Thanks for your help!

      2. Nathalie,

        Just my humble opinion – but 10 years old is still a baby – and actually a cat who really needs a home. My cats have lived to 18 & 19.

        I’m in CT too – Bethel – and will make you an offer I don’t do very often. If you adopt this little girl – Morgan and I will send you the Morgan’s Bed of your choice to celebrate.

        Morgan has his own shop on Etsy.com – and all the money goes to pay for his on-going medical problems. He was born a rare diabetic kitten – and has survived against all of the odds.

        Donna & Morgan

  18. Our cat Mickey is needing to do IV Fluids. Buying the bag from the vet was
    costing us $11.00. Last night online I discovered a great website:

    I learned you can buy the Fluid bags from your local pharmacy at a MUCH reduced
    cost–if you have a prescription from your vet. This morning I called our local
    Costco and we can get 12 bags for $26!!!! Plus you can order the needles in
    bulk (100 to a package) at a reduced cost as well.

  19. Hello! I am new to this website and have really enjoyed looking around. I got my first ragdoll over the summer, she is a seal mitted named Sasha and she is quite the queen bee. She will be 9 months old tomorrow. She dances into every room like a cheerleader and feels perfectly free to flop at will on her 2 “brothers” Ozzie, a 3 year old flame point siamese mix, and Eli Chatterpie, a 6 year old orange striped fuzzball formerly feral fellow, and even her “sister” Liza, a 15 year old tuxedo who is the sweetest cat in the world. I have a question. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for encouraging her to play fetch? She is very smart but also rather strong willed, and I think she has the propensity to fetch because she likes to carry her toys around in her mouth. I have tried to get her to bring a toy back to me by calling her when she has a toy in her mouth as she comes when I say her name almost all the time but what she does is drop the toy and come running. I go get the toy, bring it back and throw it and she runs to it and attacks. Then we repeat. In your experience, are the ragdolls who fetch born knowing how or is there a better way to encourage this? Of all my cats, I have only had 1 who fetched, she was a seal lynx siamese mix who figured it out herself and only fetched a particular toy. When the toy finally bit the dust, it took me about a week to replace it, I got an identical toy and she never fetched again! Sorry to be so long winded, but thanks for any advice you can provide.

      1. My Male Bi Color Ragdoll fetches all the time.But only very small little balls homemade out of I think their colored pipecleaner you just squish up in your hand.Bright colors of course loves to carry in his mouth to you he drops them by me,and I through them back across the floor then he gets them and repeats if hes in the mood.That game is on his terms and mood ha ha Bye Lisa

      2. My 12 week old Ragdoll, Amos, has fetched since we got him four weeks ago. He loves to fetch Looney Loops (amazon). They are light and easy to carry. He will fetch until he just can go any more. I really think it is him, I certainly can’t take credit for having trained him to do this.

  20. I have a question. My 8 month old ragdoll has started chewing on anything hard, such as the door stops, the wood blinds, and my shoes. i thought he was done teething months ago. Any ideas on why he has started doing this?

    1. Sher
      first thing get him check by the vet to be sure it is behaviour and not a health issue. He could have a sore mouth or teeth. After that if he is healthy it could be an attention thing, I have a 2.5 year old Blue Point that I swear has pica – eats many inappropriate items, but mostly it is to get attention. Maybe try more interactive play time with him. Distract him with toys, hiss or blow in his face when he is doing unwanted behaviour.

    2. “The deciduous teeth begin to fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth starting at around 11 weeks of age. By 4 months, all the permanent incisors are usually in place. By 6 months, all four canine teeth are in place. By 8 months, all 10 premolars are in place. The four molars do not come in until late kittenhood or even early adulthood. ” This is from the Healthy Pets website article called “Teething in Kittens” – link: http://www.healthypetu.com/medical/dental/teething_in_kittens.aspx
      so he could still be teething, as Ragdolls do everything related to maturing just a bit later than other cats. I had a Birman cat who just liked to chew, on anything and everything, and he never outgrew it. Best of luck.

  21. Greetings,
    I am a new Ragdoll owner of an 8 month old Bluepoint Mitted with Blaze boy who is absolutely wonderful. So much so that I am contemplating a companion for him. With summer months upon me, I am outdoors more often than winter months. I would think they would keep each other company during that time. Was thinking of another boy from same breeder, who has a Seal bicolor boy available. Anyone with some insight on 2 vs. 1? Oh, by the way my fiancé has a Simease boy, so someday we will have 3 boys.

  22. I have a gorgeous Blue Mitted Lynx male ragdoll who has a terrible issue with marking and urinating in the house. I have tried everything. Any suggestions or comments about a simlar experience are welcome.

    Desperate to resolve.

  23. Nancy, I got my first Ragdoll three years ago. Molly, a Seal Mitted female, captured our hearts. My husband and I decided that we had to have another one. We brought Daisy home about eight months later. She came from the same wonderful breeder, Mainely Country Ragdolls, had the same parents as Molly, and is also seal mitted. Words can’t describe how cute they are together and we have never regretted having two of them. As sisters, at times they love one another, groom one another, and also annoy one another. While they have many similarities, there are also so many differences in their personalities. The two of them are a joy! Good luck in your decision.

    1. Sue, thank you for your response. I reserved a Seal Lynx bicolor boy. It was close but the boy I had my eye on was reserved by someone before I could commit, but I have a wonderful boy to look forward to get in about one month from the same breeder & think he is perfect. I was thinking of a female with a my male but decided on another male. So my boy now is 8 mos…any lessons learned when introducing the two?…Other than the basic recommendations, would be appreciated.

      1. Thanks Jenny…I look forward to it another kitty. Thank you for all the resources available on your website.

  24. I have a 10 month male & just adopted a 12 week female kitten. They seem to get along with the male grooming her, rubbing against one another & playing but every now & then I hear the kitten meow that makes me think he is too rough on her. He will open his mouth but doesn’t appear to bite then will groom. He will grab on to back of neck which she doesn’t mind then groom her face & ears. No hissing & he sits down after I come in the room to inquire with calm wagging of his tail. Perhaps he is just letting her know who is boss or that is their way of playing. Should I limit play time…any suggestions? I did not introduce immediately & was a slow intro. My big boy sat by the door constantly waiting to meet the new one. No problems with their first face to face greeting.

  25. Hello to Everyone
    I have a gorgeous Sealpoint male Ragdoll named Radar. I am on disability due to Lupus, therefore I am at home most of the time. My concern is that Radar refuses to ‘go to bed’ unless I will lay with him for ten to fifteen minutes. Until he is sound asleep at least. If I put him to bed and just leave him there he will just get up and follow me.
    Although that in itself is not a problem, it ‘s that when he is tired he will follow me, crying loudly. He is worse than any of the three children I raised. LOL.
    I do love him very much and I don’t like when he is so stressed but he will follow me until he is absolutely exhausted. Just a touch and he will collaspe.
    I like to keep as active as possible and sometimes it doesn’t suit me to lay down with Radar. I guess I have spoilt him. I tell him “Radar, you have to wait”. It is the loud crying that bothers me. Ha ha.
    My youngest daughter is nearly 21 so I thought my days of parenting and child caring were over. When Radar wakes up he eats, goes outside for awhile and is quite independent. It is only when HE wants to go to bed that he is so neady.
    Any advice or even similar stories would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nicole!

      Let me first say, that I do have 6 Rags in the house. But one of them sounds very similar to what you tell. Rags are very social cats. And while I don’t think it will make him stop totally, then I really think, that he might find pleasure in having another Rag(or any cat, who like company) as company. That might take some of the burden of you. AND….try to teach him, to lay down and sleep where you sit. I say that in the hope that you sit in a couch, that should give him some space, right? 😉 My Junior, loves his Mom….and he can cry out, and keep on going…..! When he behaves like that, it is because he want to lay beside me in the coucch. In the evening he also follow me to bed, and sleep there too! 🙂 And he is not even a year! But I do feel that having company by other cats, mean a lot, and if they weren’t there he would be worse! I am home a lot like you……I got Fibromyalgia, and find big pleasure in having Rags. Once a Rag, always Rag! 🙂


      Helle, Denmark

    2. My Bourdeaux can get very clingy like that too every so often. Most times it’s manageable but once in a while he tends to really be anxious. A friend suggested a homeopathic treatment called “Bach’s Rescue Remedy” to me. You put a few drops either behind one of their ears or in their food. It helped my friend’s cat make the move from California to Pennsylvania a few months ago and it does help Bourdeaux as well.

    3. Nicole, I would seriously consider adopting another cat to be Radar’s companion. Cats sometimes want to be social like that and because there isn’t another cat in the house, he is socializing with you. It doesn’t have to be another Ragdoll, go to your local shelter or human society and save a life and find a companion for Radar. I have 7 cats…two of them LOVE snuggling up with each other, they sleep like that all day and all night. Good luck! MEOW

  26. Your precious boy sounds like an excellent candidate for a pet communicator (A “cat whisperer”). Though I have not ever employed one, I have an excellent cat book (Cat Vs. Cat) by one, her name is Pam Johnson-Bennett. Her advice in the book is incredibly intuitive, and addresses a lot of issues between two cats, I believe she understands the cat psyche extremely well!


  27. Hi Nicole,
    Have you thought of getting Radar a bedtime buddy? My Fluff loved to cuddle with my stuffed animals. A friend of mine got a bear that was supposed to be for a baby. It has a white noise recording that is on timer. Her kitty loves it.
    Just a thought.

  28. I’ve been reading the articles advising to feed our cats grain-free foods and I finally decided to buy a bag of Wellness Indoor Health. I had been feeding them Natural Balance, Max Cat and Fancy Feast kibble along with AM and PM feedings of kitty cans. I USED to think cleaning up cat vomit was a normal part of being a cat keeper. (I suspect Cody, my black smoke Coonie mix, as my frequent “flyer”.) I put down a big bowl of Wellness Indoor along side of the Max Cat (too much corn) and Fancy Feast kibble and they acrually took to the Wellness diet quite readily. That was about two months ago. Guess what? No more vomit piles of kibble anywhere. Yes, the Wellness diet does cost more, but the Wellness food STAYS inside the kitty tummies! Besides, look at all those paper towels I don’t have to buy anymore. 😉

    1. BJ – glad to hear that your kitties are puking anymore!! If you read catinfo.org then you will probably get them off of dry food altogether – but premium dry food is better than crappy dry food! Jenny

  29. I have 5 mth old male blue bi-color who has consistently had loose stools since I brought him home @ 10 weeks. I fed him royal canine baby cat which was breeder recommended until he was 4 mths & now purina pro plan kitten. She was feeding raw food along with royal canine. He’s been to the vet, no parasites or illness. Took meds (healthy probiotics, etc) for about a week which helped slightly for a few days but didn’t solve the problem.
    Any suggestions? Is it a food issue? Is this common with ragdolls? I’ve had cats all my life but he is my first ragdoll, however, my second ragdoll who is 4 mths doesn’t have any problems and he eats the same food.
    On a different note, the kitten with loose stools doesn’t cover anything after using his box. He scratches @ the box itself but not on the litter to cover his mess. My other kitten completely covers everything. Any suggestions on getting a kitten to actually cover their poopie in the box?

    1. Hi there! Well, I don’t have a definite 100% answer or cure but I can offer you my own experiences. We adopted our Ragdoll when he was actually 6 months old and he was eating dry (I can’t remember what it was exactly but it was a high quality dry…but still dry…) and he had the same issue. Loose stools and all that and we couldn’t figure out why. He got the all clear at the vet so we knew it wasn’t anything medical.

      In the end, we switched him to only wet food (Wellness grain-free varieties only) and we started sprinkling this stuff http://www.amazon.com/Holistic-Select-Solution-Digestive-Remedies/dp/B000VT1R7U on his food – Eagle Pack Holistic Solutions. It’s basically probiotics and fibre which improved his gut flora and helped give his loose stools some form. I usually don’t HIGHLY recommend things but for this, I HIGHLY recommend it. We also used it to transition him to wet food because he was kibble crazed. We used about 1 tsp on his wet food every time he ate and consistently, and it REALLY helped. You can also use it on dry food too! You just want to make sure he drinks enough water so that the fibre has… you know.. lubrication to pass through him!

      Tyco also does NOT cover his litter messes so this became critical to fix! After he was about 14 months old or so, he just grew out of the loose stools. Seemed to be a “kitten” thing that some kittens get. I have no idea how to get them to cover their messes but the Eagle Pack power REALLY helps with the loose stool 🙂 Give it a shot!

      1. Thanks for the great info. I had them both neutered & started them on wellness grain free dry & canned. Chief has made a 180 degree turnaround, no more diarrhea, no more washing his backside every day & no more stinky boxes other than the fact that he still doesn’t cover his messes.
        I am so thankful I found this website and have access to such great info & cat people.
        It has made all the difference in our household. It was becoming “no fun” having my 2 ragdoll babies because of the stomach issues. Now they are just a pleasure to have in our home & family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
        Oh and by the way, my seal point lynx is 6 mths on the 11th & already weighs just under 11 pounds. He’s such a sweet “moose”. His big brother Chief, blue bi-color, is almost 1 mth older but a little over a pound smaller.

    2. My 8 year old ragdoll has this problem and has since I’ve had him (4 years old). We’ve tried everything. It took repeated tests over months to find that he had worms. Did the medication with slight improvement but he still doesn’t have normal poo. Now we’re onto hypoallergenic food. Unfortunately, my other cat ‘can’t’ have just the hypoallergenic food so I have to mix. I would see if he has food allergies maybe caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

    3. All of my ragdolls (3) have had loose stools as kittens but as they near the 1 year mark it clears up on it’s own. I spent a lot of money switching cat foods etc but in the end just did a sani cut on the rear parts and lived with it until the digestive tract matures. My oldest does not bury either and I just have to laugh as he spends up to five minutes scratching but never touching the poop. I tried everything to show him to bury but he will not get his tuffted toes near it.

      I hope this helps,


    4. Hi Kimberli,

      I had the same problem when i brought home my bluepoint. We did the whole food allergy thing..tested for coccidia etc. Treated with metronidadole and progress was only temporary. Finally my vet did a PCR test on the stool sample and found he had Tritrichomonas Foetus parasite. Which is a lot more common in purebreeds. Just want to let you know since parasite is fairly new and vets tend to not test for it. Studies show it can clear up on its own in 1 to 2 yrs..but since i have 2..it could become cyclical. I treated both my boys with success even if the ronidazole meds have risks involved. I cried many nights deciding to treat or not..but Im thankful for the guidance of our wonderful internal med doctor that took both my boys through it safely. Im hoping your situation is better..but im sharing because i wish i had known this at the time. Good luck and my best to you both!


  30. I would consider Giardia and Coccidiosis, and worm for them. They are difficult to find in fecal tests, and regular wormers do not take care of it. He’s a bit young for a food allergy considering that it started a while ago. It is important that you get it sorted out, or you may have IBD starting as a result.
    Good luck!

  31. Howdy! Something has happened that I need some advice on. My household has two Coonies, one radgoll and a buff tabby cat, ages 12 to 1. Around New Years I switched my cats dry food to a grain free, or reduced, kibble and choose Wellness Indoor Diet for my cats. I continued with the alternative offering of Natural Balance Ultra Original and stopped feeding the Fancy Feast kibble, which had been the kid’s favorite. The “switch” went fine. Almost.

    Around April/May my cats started refusing to eat their AM and PM feedings of canned foods. After going through 3 to 4 cans of Fancy Feast a day, I started throwing away GOBS of snubbed Fancy Feast! I tried feeding offering other brands, even the premium diets but those weren’t worth eating either. After months of throwing uneaten food away, I started reducing the number of cans I gave them. They’re (all four of them) now down to one 3 oz. can in the morning with another at night and it’s a RARE day if I find that the bowls are empty.

    Stools (size/quantity) are good. Everybody seems to be doing well and I haven’t noticed any major changes in activity levels or body weight but they just don’t want to eat canned food anymore! I don’t like throwing food away, all those starving children in China, you know, but I can’t “guilt” my cats into eating (like my mother did!) BTW, we haven’t moved for 4 years, no change(s) in people in or out of the house or other changes in our household routine, and everybody sees a vet annually, so there’s no environmental event to pin this change on. Any suggestions?

  32. Hi everyone,

    I am curious if anyone has problems with ragdolls urinating in their house. I adore or ragdoll max, but he has been peeing on my beds for the past 7 months or so. I do not want to give him to another home, but may have to. I have have taken him to the vet and there is not illness. I think it is just behavioral. We have Max (our rag doll), Jak ( dog) and three girls (ages 4, 2.5 and 6months). Max is wonderful with kids, but this urinating is getting out of control. I can not take the stress of having to make sure we shut every bedroom door all the time. He has urinated on all the beds in our home.

    My belief is this is happening because he was always given water on our counter in a glass. We had to stop that because our children eat off the counter and it’s just not sanitary. I still give him a glass of water each morning on the kitchen floor along with a regular bowl of water that is available all day. I have tried everything, new litter, new litter box, new space.

    Every time I think it is better and we go a while without any incident it happens again. I don’t know if I have it in me to give him up, but I honestly believe he wouldn’t do this in a home where he receives more attention. He is so sweet. It’s like having a little dog, but I can not continue to let him destroy all the bedding in our home. Today he peed on a duvet cover I hadn’t even put on a bed yet. It was just laying out so I could decide if I wanted to keep it.

    The stress is driving me crazy. Any thoughts, suggestions or offers to talk about a loving, caring person who would like to adopt him are welcome.


  33. My mom just went to heave– her Siamese/blue eyed/long hair rescue cat is 12yrs old and lives in Arizona and looks just like your Ragdolls. My sister would not let me take her…..I fell in love and want one or even two (playmates-as I live alone) here in Akron, Ohio. Willing to buy one but would rather rescue. Any advice-afraid just to walk in rescue centers in case I fall in love with them all. I am going to check on the sites you mentioned but I’m a 66yr old analog lady and usually do everything by phone/in person or mail…..have not moved into the 21st century but will . Loved this site when I found it! *I’ve had dogs, a ferret (died at 10 yrs) and babysat my grandson’s rat this summer—didn’t want to give her back. Any help will do. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cherie,

      Sorry to hear about your mom.

      To find a Rescue Ragdoll I would recommend checking out this page on our site to find more opportunities near you. There are also breeders that might have kitties that are requiring from breeding that might be an option for you.

      We have a place on our site where other readers can list their kitty for rehoming – I don’t recall any recently from Ohio, but you can always keep checking this link: http://blog.floppycats.com/blog/ragdoll-rehoming

      What will happen to your mom’s Siamese?


  34. Hello I’m new here. I have a problem. I just got a ragdoll kitten (8 weeks old) and the kitten I already have is trying to play with him by attack him relentlessly. My new kitten is half the size of the old one and is not fighting back. What should I do about it.

    1. I didn’t think a reputable breeder would let a kitten go until around 12 weeks old. An 8 week old kitten is not able to defend itself against a bigger cat. I would say keep them separated for now.

    2. the cat whisperer,
      I’m not sure I have any answers for you, other than for now you need to protect the 8 week old kitten from the larger one. Other cat owners on this site will probably give you great tips on how to solve this problem, but at this age I feel he needs to be protected/monitored when he is around the older kitten. My two Ragdolls are seven months apart in age and it was just a matter of time before the younger Daisy could keep up with her older sister Molly.

  35. I adopted a ragdoll from happy home sanctuary in Las Vegas . She is gorgeous , looks like the pics with the blue eyes and dark ears and pink nose. She runs from me and when I sit in the den she never jumps up and sits with me .I had a black and white maine coon that lived till 15 and got cancer and had to be put to sleep . I had him when he was 8 weeks old and he followed me everywhere . She is a year old already and was found outside starving and then kept at happy home sanctuary until I bought her . She has the run of the house , I change her litter every day otherwise she won”t go in , I use “yesterdays news ” . Why does she not want to be picked up but when I do she purrs and lets me pet her and kiss her . I love her very much . What do I do?

    1. You don’t say how long you have had her. It can take time for a kitty, that has a rough start to life to settle in a house. Just go slow with the affection, She does let you pick her up and cuddle. So do that and let her go once she starts to want down. Talk to her. Play with interactive toys like Da Bird or the Neko Flies. Give her lots of time. I have one rescue that took years to be a part of the family, she still has her set ways for affection – usually when I am trying to go to sleep lol

      1. Hi Rebecca
        Miss ZSAZSA (thats her name) loves cuddling at bedtime also and purrs all night long which is fine with me. i bought her in November and it’s January so I think she is doing great after reading these blogs which have helped a lot.

    2. Ragdoll or not, she’s been through a lot, and much of that you may never know. When cats of any breed are left on the streets to fend for themselves, they become what is known as “hard strays”. I encourage you to google the term, but in short, it means that they resort to their wild ways as a survival instinct. It will take time for her to let her guard and feel relaxed with you. Keep picking her up and loving on her, encourage her to play with you as that’s also great bonding time, but above all, don’t push her beyond her comfort level. It truly helps if you limit her exposure to your entire house. Not only is it overwhelming for her, but it also limits your time together.

      I have a considerable amount of rescue experience with socializing both feral and hard stray cats. My sweetest boy (my “soul kitty”) was a formal feral (born feral) that needed to be taken off of the streets due to illness and testing positive for FIV. It took me months to even get near him outdoors, then after I managed to get him shuffled into a dog carrier, I kept him in his own small room where I would spend a considerable amount of one on one time with him. It was an amazing time, and today we are inseparable. He was 5 at the time, and is now 14. A gentle nature, and patience are key.

      I also agree with Rebecca. Da Bird & Neko Flies are the MOST amazing toys to relax your kitty, engage them, and bond. Sit on the floor and play, then offer treats as well. I prefer freeze dried 100% meat treats. Also, if you lay on the floor after engaging her, you’re less threatening as you’re not towering above her.

      She sounds like a real sweetie that just needs some time and encouragement to open up and be the best girl ever! Good luck with her, and please don’t give up!

      1. Thank you for the advice which i actually did when I first got her and my bed and bath room were hers to have , then on her own she wandered down the stairs and looked at the whole house and it was as if she said to herself “Hey this OK” now “Miss Priss” has the run of the house and me. Not to worry, She has a home forever.

    3. Elaine:
      I have been in Ragdoll rescue for a very long time. Think of her as a foster child who has come to live with you after losing her home and losing her family and possibly even being abused. It takes cats a very long time to trust. It takes them even longer to trust if they have had a difficult time. Picking her up and holding her requires complete trust, something you don’t have yet. The fact she loves you is amazing considering what she has been through. Just be patient. The others who encourage interaction are absolutely correct, but please understand that she may not ever want to be picked up. I have one cat that I have had for 12 years. She STILL does not like to be picked up after all these years. Cats are individuals. Like people, some are more affectionate than others. Some are most trusting than others. Give her time.

      1. Thank you so—– much. I am patient and I have no problem waiting . I forgot to tell you the one thing she absolutely loves is bed time she runs up stairs with me and flies into the bed with me . She even did that the very first night . She snuggles with me all night. She is so———beautiful and sweet. every morning she tells me that she wants a treat ( I started that ) I figure it’s a bonding thing and then I brush her. Her name is ZSA ZSA because she is so-spectacular.
        Thanks again

  36. I have 2 ragdolls, both males, not brothers. They are nearly 1 yr and about 11 mths. Both neutered. The older one is my problem child. He doesn’t cover his litterbox business but scratches top of box, air, whatever he can reach rather than cover his mess. He also is meowing in the early morning with the howl like a tom cat might and rubbing around on the floor like I’ve seen females in heat. He’s been neutered since he was 6 months old and we have no “whole” kitties. The only other animal in the house is an older female (15 yrs) who has also been spayed since she very young. Any ideas on why he’s acting so oddly? He’s very sweet and gets along fine with the other cats. He also started pooping in the guest bath & sink so I just shut the door after thoroughly cleaning both & still having the issue. He hasn’t had any other problems with inappropriate elimination and thank goodness it was never urine. What gives with this little guy? I also have used felliway spray & diffuser with his inappropriate pooping. Shutting the door is what it took to keep him from doing this. Sorry for the rambling. I’m just a little confused on what he’s trying to tell me. 🙁

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