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BiteNot Collars and Literature
BiteNot Collars and Literature

The folks over at BiteNot Collars were kind enough to send us some of their BiteNot Collars to try.

The BiteNot Collar is an excellent alternative to the traditional e-collar (the cone one) that is given to animals after surgery or to keep them from itching hot spots, so that the area will heal.

Unlike the traditional e-collars (Elizabethan collars), Bite Not Collars stay on cats because of their patented harness strap. BiteNot collars protect wounds and sutures and are recommended for cats that chronically tear out their hair. They will even protect a urinary catheter on a cat.

Charlie and The BiteNot Collar
Charlie and The BiteNot Collar

So, let’s be frank.  Charlie and Trigg hated the BiteNot Collars.  But the point of them is to protect their wound or stitches, so that they heal more quickly and without infection (because of bacteria from their mouth, etc.), so they really do their job.

If Charlie or Trigg has surgery and needed to be kept from licking their stitches, BiteNot collar would be my first choice if they  had to wear a collar.  My mom’s dog, Tucker, has had to wear an e-collar and it really is dangerous and disasterous in your home!

BiteNot Collar and Trigg
BiteNot Collar and Trigg

If you have ever had an animal wear one of those e-collars, you know how dangerous they can be to your woodwork, your furniture, etc. because they are constantly running into things and cannot see where they are going.  That ends up becoming dangerous for your pet as well as your belongings.  The Bite Not Collar eliminates that.  They are still uncomfortable for your animal, as the e-collars are, but they aren’t horrible.

Charlie and The BiteNot Collar - he isn't too bothered by it!
Charlie and The BiteNot Collar – he isn’t too bothered by it!

They are made of quality material, and are easily velcroed around your cat’s neck.  Then you wrap the strap around their rib cage and then buckle it back up.  That way they stay on!  So simple to put on, and there is plenty of padding for your kitty friend.  They are very well constructed and you can easily adjust the collar to work for your kitty.  They sell them in 2 sizes for cats – for cats under 10 lbs. and for cats over 10 lbs.  They are 2.5″ and 3″ in width, respectively.  They just remind you that the collar should fit from the top of the shoulder from behind the ears.  The collars are machine washable, and of course, can be used again and again.

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BiteNot Collar and Trigg
BiteNot Collar and Trigg

BiteNot Collars are sold online, sold through vets or sometimes can even be rented through your vet!

We give BiteNot collars an A- because they solve a problem that has exisited for years and are less harmful to your kitty and their surroundings because they don’t extend past their bodies, like an e-collar does!  However, they get an A- and not an A+ because not only do the cats not care for them, but also it makes their neck inmobile, which makes me wonder if it will strain their neck in any way.  Especially, if they are under stress from the inmobility.

I am going to donate the BiteNot collars to a local Emergency Vet in Mission, KS, close to my home.  When I asked the doctor that did the surgery on Rags, if they wanted him, he replied, “Our dermatologist probably uses them the most but we obviously use them from time to time in surgery.”  So I thought that was pretty interesting from a dermatological perspective.

How To Put On The BiteNot Collar

You can watch videos of Charlie and Trigg wearing them below.

Trigg, a 6-month Old Ragdoll Kitten, Wearing The Bite Not Collar

Charlie, a 7-month Old Ragdoll Kitten, Wearing The Bite Not Collar

Caymus, a 5-year Old Ragdoll Cat, Displays The BiteNot Collar For Cats Over 10 lbs.<a href=""></a>

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  1. Great review, I bet Charlie and Trigg really like your freeze dried treat testing better 🙂 tell them job well done and thanks for the review. Thankfully we haven’t needed an e-collar yet (baby t-shirt yes, but collar no). I’ll be sure to bookmark this so I can find it if we need one.

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