Bird Catcher Pro Ex Cat Wand Toy Giveaway Winner Reports Back!

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Brenda, one of the winners of the February 2017 Bird Catcher Pro Ex Cat Wand Toy Giveaway, sent me this note and then even wrote a poem about her giveaway winnings.  She also sent a bunch of photos of her gorgeous Ragdoll cats for me to include as well.  I love, love, love when readers report back about giveaway winnings and how their kitties like them.  It helps the manufacturer get more feedback, helps me know if other kitties like the products we review like Charlie and Trigg do and also helps the manufacturer want to work with Floppycats for more giveaways.  Thank you, Brenda!
It’s Brenda here.  Please accept my apologies for taking so…  long in getting back to you.  Well, I have to say  the bird feather pro in Rosie’s and minnie’s opinion, it is the best toy they  have  ever got and they have lots… from  slides –    to tunnels –  to puzzles – balls and so on.  Rosie in particular as you will see,  has become like a true huntress and is besotted with it, and goes looking for it.    Minnie especially loves the little mouse,  she doesn’t  tend to get a look in  with the feathers.  I was at the N.IC.C (Northern Ireland Cat Club)  last weekend and Minnie got her third Imperial certificate . B.O.B.  and first in her 3 miscellaneous  classes.    Rosie however, was a totally different matter,  and she got a C.N.H. ( Could not handle)   she will hiss at the stewards when come to get  her out,  and if they back off she  knows she has won.  This all stems back to when she was around 9 months and 1 of the  stewards tried to get her out by ruffing up her blanket she  was on at the time , then pulling it hard towards the front of cage with  her on it and then  trying to grab her out.  She has never forgotten this experience.  But if a steward shows her  that she will not be  backing off,  then out she comes.   I will be taking a long the feather pro with me to next show in Sept.
The packet was opened and bright eyes were wide,
The excitement was quite clear to see
The feathers emerged, and eyes starting blinking,  
Her bottom wiggling, the anticipation clear,
The wand flicked,     The feathers flew,     Then pounces and Jumps and twists too.
Then the catch came,  elated at last,      She gave her final bite.
Their lay the feathers,  all crunched and tattered and wet.
Beside these lifeless feathers,  sat guarding her kill,   was one very proud raggie girl.
The look upon her face ,  quite clear to see,  was a very proud ragdoll who had made her first kill,
Not minding at all,  the feathers not real,  she purred with contentment of a job well done.  😻😻😻
Bird Catcher PRO Plus Cat Feather Wand Toy 7
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  1. Wonderful post, Jenny! Thank you so much for your review, Brenda! Lurve the photos of your beautiful girls, Rosie & Minnie! They are STUNNING!!!! Also, lurve your sweet poem! Just a delightful read!

    Wishing you, Rose & Minnie many more years of happiness, love, good health, cat show wins and purry adventures!!!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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