BestFriendBox Product Review

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Charlie and Trigg with Best Friend Box
Charlie and Trigg investigating the Best Friend Box

I originally saw the BestFriendBox when it was being featured as a giveaway on The Conscious Cat.  I thought it was such a good idea, especially for a Ragdoll cat gift, that I reached out to BestFriendBox to see if they would send us a product sample for review.  They were kind enough to oblige.

The BestFriendBox is a box full of goodies for your kitty or your pup.  I think of a care package type of thing, like my mom used to send me when I was at camp.

There is a 4-step process how the BestFriendBox works.

Charlie and Trigg with Best Friend Boxs
Charlie and Trigg with Best Friend Box

1. Subscribe – sign up for the BestFriendBox for $45/month
2. Pick – the folks at BestFriendBox pick a selection of cat products to put in your box
3. Receive – you receive your BestFriendBox for your kitty during the last week of the month.
4. Donate – BestFriendBox donates 10% of their profits to shelters in need.

If you are looking for Ragdoll cat gifts for yourself or your friend you can subscribe for:

1. 1 month = $45
2. 3 months = $135
3. 6 months = $270

Not only is this something fun for you and your kitty to look forward to every month, but it is also an awesome option for gifts for cat lovers.

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Below is a video I took of our receipt of the BestFriendBox:

Here is another video I did in the middle of the review of the BestFriendBox:

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