Best Litter Scoop – Hands Down

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The duty of cleaning the litter box is often a dreaded chore for every family member.  Unfortunately it is also a necessary task to ensure the health and happiness of your Ragdoll.  No matter what type of Ragdoll you own, a Bicolor Ragdoll or a Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll or any variation in between, this chore is a daily task.  If you do have to take care of this unseemly task then do it with the best litter scoop around.

Created by Litter Lifter this litter scoop has peaked blades that allow for the waste to be captured the first time without scooping out clean usable litter. Advertising no shaking, no clogging, and limited dust the Litter Lifter scoop has been reviewed by Floppy Cats.

According to the manufacturer the Litter Lifter creates cleaner air, a cleaner litter box, and a cleaner environment overall around your litter box.

For a straight forward review about the Litter Lifter product visit Floppy Cats and check out the author’s thoughts on the product.  If you use the Litter Lifter product leave a few comments for other owners to let them know how the product works. Visit our Ragdoll forum.

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