Best Litter Box

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Best Litter Box

Pacificats Pippa Longstockings
Pacificats Pippa Longstockings

Every cat owner is on a constant search for the best litter box for their cats. The best litter pan is a box that your cat will happily use and is convenient for you to keep clean. Do you have a recommendation of a great litter box? Please leave a comment below and tell us about it!

There are many different litter boxes on the market that say they are the best thing for your cat. One of the most advertised is the self-cleaning litter box, yet is it the best litter box? The idea is that you will never have to scoop the litter again; a machine will do it for you. Once the waste compartment is full you remove the waste.

While automated litter boxes sound too good to be true there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Usually there is a hefty price tag that goes along with the convenience. Some of the basic self-cleaning boxes start around $99 and can go upwards of $400. Along with the price tag some cats can be frightened by the noises the litter box can make. They could become afraid to use it and begin going to another place to use the restroom. Not to mention that they sometimes aren’t terribly accurate and your cat ends up having to step on its own urine or feces, which makes for an unhappy litter box situation and an unhappy kitty.

Review Litter Robot Open Air Floppycats 2We have reviewed the Litter Robot Open Air, an automated self-cleaning litterbox and love it.  We have also reviewed the high sided NVR Miss litterboxes and love them.

Covered litter boxes are good at keeping the smell in, and the litter contained. Yet again, they are good at keeping the smell in, which only translates to making the cat walk into a cat sized Johnny-On-The-Spot. A hooded litter pan can be an unpleasant experience for your cat, especially if you do not regularly clean the hood. This same idea holds true for a hooded area in your home. For example, if you have a small area under the stairs where you put the litter box, if your cat sprays urine on the walls or wipes it on the walls while covering up their mess, over time the aroma of the area could turn off your cat. Also, there are a few cats that are afraid to go into a box when it is hooded.

Other great litter boxes on the market are the self sifting boxes. You place the litter on top of a grate that you can lift up and remove the waste. Just pour the clean litter back over the grate for the next use. These boxes are easy to clean but are often taller than the standard litter box. This could be difficult for older cats to get into and use.

Remember, the best cat litter box is the box that works for you and your cat. Make sure that before you spend a lot of money on an expensive litter box, read litter box reviews. Here are a few to get you started.

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2 thoughts on “Best Litter Box

  1. marjorie Wills says:

    I have a loarge Ragdoll male cat with lots of hair. When he goes into our large whisker hooded litter box, sometimes the poop sticks to his fur. What can I do about this? What is the best litter box?

    • Jenny says:

      Is he on dry food?

      I would also get a bigger litter box – but the poopy butt problem might be a dry food problem.

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