Best Friend, Summer or Sum-Summ

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Ragdoll CatWell i got summer or sum-summ when i was about to turn 5 so 94 and she was the best kitten.I had my best friend for 15 years until she was lost to diabetes and kidney failure in the fall or 2008. But she was my companion every day yes she was a rare ragdoll who wasn’t a friendly cat. She loved me and would give others the privilege of her presence on your lap when reading. her favorite place to sleep was determined by the weather . Hot weather the towel cold weather either my bed or the printer. Weird i know but i would love another cat just like my summer.When in her final days my italian greyhound slept with her and stayed with her until the end even if she hated him for the 2 years she had to deal with him. It broke my heart jaxson my greyhound looked for her for days. now she is buried in my yard. But she will never be forgotten because you cant forget a beauty and majesty like a ragdoll.

Kitty’s Name: Summer
Name: meghan
Where: california

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