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Cats are known to be from a family of great hunters. Of course you wouldn’t want to deprive your feline from enhancing and increasing their skills so with a little help from Neko Flies you can accomplish that.

Neko Flies’ Small Kittenator with Rod is made from durable, natural, and sythetic materials that are purrfectly safe for you and your cat.

Neko Flies - Small Kittenator with Rod Neko Flies Small Kittenator with Rod interactive cat toy is just the right thing especially for those cat owners who are always on the road — you can always be safe and sound knowing that your cat is enjoying every moment with the sitter and this amazing swat toy of his!

With its attractive realistic small mouse like shape, the Small Kittenator will definitely bring action and lots of fun into your cat’s life. Perfect for cats of all ages.

Do you own any of Neko Flies’ wand toys? How does your kitty like it? Share your stories with other cat owners in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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