Best Cat Toy: Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy

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Cats like to chase around mice, not only to satisfy their palate but also to harness their catching skills and entertain themselves. However, indoor cats that don't have anything to prey on, become bored and some even end up becoming a nuisance if their predatory energy isn't used.

To unleash this inherent energy without doing damage to your home's furniture, check out the Undercover Mouse Electronic Cat Toy, the best cat toy. This toy mimics the movements of the tails of a mouse as it runs under the chairs and tables and other furniture of the house.

On the toy, the mouse tail moves randomly and unpredictably in different directions which would naturally pique the interest of a cat. This tail movement unleashes the predatory instinct of your feline pet and engages the cat actively in chasing around the Undercover Mouse.

You can set the "mouse" to move at maximum, medium, and slow pace settings depending on the mood of your cat. Likewise, the undercover mouse has a slip clutch to protect its gears from the claws of the preying cat. For maximum effect, place the toy near a place where the cat perches and could stealthily pounce on it.

You can see a video of how it works here:

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