Best Cat Tower: Cat Power Tower

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The Cat Power Tower is a platform that can stimulate your cat’s scratching, hunting and playing skills.
Cat Power Tower
Setting it a part from other cat towers you can buy on the market, the Cat Power Tower has a middle Play Platform where you can place toys for your kitty to enjoy playing. There is a switch button at the bottom of the platform which can be switched to automatic turning the toys on when your cat jumps in and off when your cat jumps out of the platform.

The bottom of the platform has a Hunting Hole – this part of the tower enhances the hunting skills of your cat. You can place a toy mice, stuffed toys and balls inside as your cat hunts them down.

The top part of the platform acts as the Lounging area, wherein your Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll, for example, can just lie there and have a relaxing moment. The top of the platform is removable providing storage for your cat’s toys and treats.

And of course, a power tower is purr-fect with a cat scratching pole. Cat Power Tower has two large scratching areas; an oversized sisal scratching pole and a two-sided sisal scratching board.

You can get Cat Power Tower through for $399.95.

What do you think of sisal cat scratching posts? Share your thoughts with other cat lover in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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