Best Cat Littler Box that You Can Throw Away

Post Published on December 27, 2012 | Last Updated on December 27, 2012 by Jenny

LitterOne Litter BoxIt has never been so easy to help save the planet than with one of the best cat litter boxes ever. In the Litter One litter box system not only is the litter biodegradable the actual litter box is biodegradable as well. This litter is made of natural pine pellets and contains no chemicals. It is healthy for your cat and healthy for your home.

Each kit lasts for 1 month. The kit contains a decomposable box, scoop and waste bag. Imagine, no messy litter box to deal with, simply dispose of the biodegradable litter box along with the pellets. This product also has a unique floor which allows you to separate the pellets which have been used. Simply shake the box and the urine soaked pellets will drop through the floor into another compartment thus leaving only fresh pellets in the litter box.

This natural cat litter is all pine which is better for you and your cat because there is no clay dust. Also this litter box system is 100 percent recyclable which of course is great for you, your cat and the environment.

There are no chemicals or artificial fragrances, just the natural sensation of pine. What could be better for your home or your cat? This product is certainly worth a look for the environmentally conscience.


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