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When we did our review of the EZ-Groomer pet comb, I did not include brushing Charlie with it as part of the footage.  So I thought I would do a video to show how much Charlie hates being groomed.  He was overly dramatic in this video because my sister had come over to help me film a lot of videos.  It was a little too much for Charlie and by the time the EZ-Groomer one came around, he had had it.  So he can be like he is below in the video or about half of that when being groomed by any comb.

I wanted to share it because it shows a cat pretty much hating it, but also how much hair you can get out in a short amount of time.  So eventhough they hate it, it gets the job done more quickly.

Here’s our review of it – so you can see how much Caymus and Murphy, who like being groomed – enjoyed it =)

Here’s a video of Hobbs being brushed that I referenced in the above video of Charlie being combed by the EZ-Groomer

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  1. I enjoyed so much your videos of Charlie and Hobbs being groomed with the Easy Groomer. I especially liked the one where you are grooming a reluctant Charlie. I really admire the way you handled him. My Charlie tolerates me grooming his back coat as long as I give him his dry food while I comb him. Charlie would never allow me to handle him the way you handed your Charle. He would try to bite and scratch me. What I’d like to know is: “are you able to comb your Charlie’s belly? “. I’d love to see a video of that being done.

    1. charlie’s belly hair doesn’t need to be brushed. his coat doesn’t really have that problem. i do need to show how i brush charlie better when he’s not so pissed off – i can do that. but i never brush his belly, ever. or chiggy’s.

      1. I understand, no belly grooming. What about under the neck(the ruff) and a little below that, the chest. My Charlie got a few knots one time in the breast area. I appreciate so much your advice and love your two special kitties and your web site.

  2. Pawesome video of Drama King Charlie & the EZ-Groomer, Jenny! Really enjoyed all the videos associated with this product’s review. What a great product it is, too! I really LURVE mine (thank you for the awesome gift, Sweet Teresa!)! It’s fantastic! 🙂 <3

    Oh, Charlie-kins, what shall we do with ye? Soooooo much drama, My Boy-o! lol 🙂 <3 He was still a Champ, though. He endured it even though he wasn't happy about it. Such a good kittyman! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  3. Thank you so much for the video on using the Safari Comb on Charlie’s ruff. You did so well with only one hand. Charlie seemed to let you do it fairly well. I have several combs, but not that one. Wondering if I should get it or not to add to my collection. Also wondering if going after that part on my Charlie would go as smoothly. I guess I’ll see.

    1. I like the Safari comb the most because of the teeth – how they are staggered at different lengths. I really dislike the wooden handle though – I would prefer it be something I can throw in the dishwasher and hopefully not get splinters.

  4. ok so i ordered the ez groomers and it came today and i just finished combing my cats with it. my long haired cat who hates combs loved it. he’s not shedding right now so not much came out but he stayed for about 15 minutes. i always say “let’s get brushieee” and he will come running but he won’t stay unless it’s my hair brush. but he did for this. my other two are short haired but i ran it through their hair anyway and they loved it. it must feel good. i will try it again on them when they start shedding. but it’s a winner! it ordered it from the site and it came really fast. i like that it looks like it will last forever! easy to clean and wow what a genius idea this guy had. nature helping nature… works every time! i like the way it feels in my hand and i love that my cats like it. thanks for reviewing it Jenny, i think if you have a long haired cat you should have this in your arsenal!

    1. “let’s get brushieee” – LOL!! Love it!

      So glad your long-haired cat loved it.

      I have heard on short haired dogs the ez-groomer works best if you run it in the opposite direction of hair growth, but don’t know if it works and/or if it would be comfortable for the cat.

      yes, on the genius idea! so genius -i love the story behind it.

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