Best Brush for Removing Cat Hair from Furniture: Lilly Brush BFF

Lilly Brush BFF Caymus Blanket Before and After

This is a before and after shot of the photo blanket with Caymus on it. On the top, you can see that there is quite a bit of cat fur, and in the bottom photo, the blanket is relatively cat hair free (and therefore ready to go in the washing machine!).  It literally took me less than 2 minutes to remove Trigg’s cat hair that was all over the blanket.  And it will make for a much “cleaner” wash for the blanket too.

I love the Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless Brush for removing cat hair from furniture and blankets.  I prefer the OXO Good Grips Furlifter for most of my clothing, though.

You can buy the Lilly Brush on Amazon:

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5 thoughts on “Best Brush for Removing Cat Hair from Furniture: Lilly Brush BFF

  1. Patricia McDermott says:

    You know I love the Lilly brush! I use it on my stairs before I vacuum, I use it on the cat tree, my furniture, blankets, comforters, it has saved me time and frustration, extends the life of my vacuum and that all makes me a happier person! I would still like to have an even bigger one. It’s definitely one of the best and smartest purchase I’ve ever made!

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    SUPER PAWESOME POST, PIC & VIDEO, Jenny!! You know I’m ALL ABOUT LURVIN’ DAT Lilly Brush!! I just LURVE that Caymus blanket SOOOOO MUCH, too!!! Great job!!! Our PASSION for The Marvelous Lilly Brush has NO END!!! YAY, LILLY BRUSH!!! Can’t recommend it enough and I use it on my carpets ALL THE TIME (such a great workout for your legs and arms to work on your carpets with it)!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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