Bergan Turbo Cat Toy Scratcher

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Bergan's Turbo Scratcher is a cat scratcher toy. It is round in shape and is basically made out of high quality plastic material. A cardboard scratch pad with catnip included can be found at the center part – it is designed to attend the scratching needs of ragdoll cats.

Bergan Turbo Cat Toy ScratcherThe round cardboard scratch pad is made of honeycomb texture; it is reversible (you can turn it over and use the other side when the other is already used up) and replaceable. This feature also minimizes potential furniture damage due to scratching.

Another attraction in this interactive cat toy is the small ball that rolls around the outer edge. This part instantly offers hours of fun and exercise for any bicolor ragdoll as he bats the ball in and out of the hollowed channel.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher is perfect for cats of all ages. Product dimensions: 7.4 x 16 x 16.2 inches.

Buy Bergan Turbo Cat Toy Scratcher for $15.99.

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