Bergan Catnip Cyclone Arrives for Product Testing!

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Bergan Catnip Cyclone and TriggWell, that was fast.  Bergan just sent us an email yesterday asking if we would like to product test their new Catnip Cyclone and then it arrived today.  Of course, it is probably because we are in Kansas and they are in Oklahoma!

I pulled it out of the box and both cats were sleeping – I should have had my camera ready because when they heard the ball rolling around, they both came running but had that look on their face like, "whoa! what’s that? am I dreaming?"

So the Catnip Cyclone snaps on top of the Turbo Scratcher (warning! uber cute photos of Charlie on that posting!) or the Star Chaser.  But I didn’t get that far – I just let the cats play with it, just by itself and it certainly works in that regard too!

When you think about wanting to get discount cat toys, this is the way to do it – especially if you already have the Turbo Scratcher or a Star Chaser – it makes your existing cat toys all the more exciting.

If your cats respond well to catnip and if they already like their Turbo Scratcher or Star Chaser, then they will love this thing because as the ball whips around the cyclone, it releases the smell of catnip that is inside the inner circle.  Watch the video below and you can see how Trigg fell over and got in one of those wonderful poses of cats on catnip.

Thanks to Bergan for sending us this product – we will get the full review up soon!

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