Benefits of Cat Water Fountains: Glacier Point Pet Fountains

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Benefits of Cat Water Fountains

It is a well-known fact that cats are not heavy water-drinkers, which is why so many of them are prone to kidney disease. The best way to make water appealing to cats is to serve it cold and fresh, but how do you do that? Even if you change your cat’s water several times a day, it still gives it more than enough time to get hot.

If you want to keep your cat’s water drink-ready at all times, then try a cat fountain! If you want to get your cat the top fountain on the market, then go with Glacier Point Cat Fountains! Here is everything you need to know about cat fountains and what makes Glacier Point stand out.

What Are Cat Fountains?

Cat fountains are water basins for cats that provide a continuous flow of cold water. They can drink directly from the water basin, which is similar to a classic bowl, or they can choose the flowing part of the fountain. Have you ever seen your cat drink from the tap? It is precisely because cats enjoy flowing water.

Another important aspect is the temperature of the water in the fountain. Not only is the water offered in a more attractive style, but it is also served at the optimum temperature. This will make your cat drink more water and it will also preserve the water’s best characteristics.

Glacier Point Cat Fountains also filter the water and run it through high-quality piping. Their products are made from safe materials that prevent the development of unwanted bacteria. This way, your cat can drink the safest possible water.

Why Is Temperature So Important?

Have you ever drank from a bottle of water that’s been in your car on a sunny day? Your answer is most likely no. The other option is yes, but I really wish I hadn’t. Warm water is not appetizing at all and the warmer it gets, the less appealing it is to both humans and cats. Temperature is one of the key factors involved in water quality and here’s why:

Temperature defines how much water can make the sensation of thirst go away

Like us, cats drink water when they feel thirsty. The difference is that they would probably wait a while longer before they actually drink. When they do drink, it is very important that they have fresh cold water, otherwise, their feeling of thirst will still be present. And while you might think that this would lead to the cat drinking more water, in reality, what happens is the exact opposite. Cats are stubborn and they will wait until their water is changed.

Temperature can affect the taste of the water

Cold water is always going to taste better than warm water. According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, the optimal temperature for drinking water is 60-61°F and it stays within acceptable limits until 66°F. But why is water warmer than 66°F not appealing? And why is the water at 61°F better than water at 66°F? One of the key elements is the taste.

As the water gets warmer, you can feel any earthy, muddy, musty, or moldy elements in it. When the water is chilled, its taste is reduced significantly. Water is, in fact, supposed to be odorless and tasteless. As for the taste, it certainly depends on the source of the water. For instance, tap water will have a more poignant taste than bottled water.

Temperature can affect how safe the water is

The temperature of the water determines the type of bacteria and other organisms that can develop in it. As water becomes warm, the environment is favorable for the development of bacteria. Moreover, warm still water, such as the one in a cat bowl that has been lying on the floor the entire day, is a suitable setting for bacteria to start roaming around. This is where the cat fountain can truly make a difference because it keeps water cool and it keeps water flowing at all times.

The Benefits Brought by Cat Fountains

Cat fountains are going to make water more appealing to your cat, but they are also going to make it safer to drink. As mentioned above, the characteristics of cold water are superior to those of warm water. Cold water will be more active in your cat’s metabolism and it will also have a higher concentration of dissolved oxygen.

As for the cat’s predisposition to kidney disease, drinking the correct amount of high-quality water can decrease that significantly, so cat fountains are an investment into your cat’s future because they can actually help prevent it.

Water consumption is also vital in the recuperation process of cats with kidney disease, as well as many other illnesses, such as diabetes or hyperthyroidism. Convincing sick cats to drink water is complicated enough, but using cold fresh water might actually make a difference.

Types of Glacier Point Cat Fountains

Glacier Point Cat Fountains offer five types of products, each meant to serve a specific purpose. They are all made in America from high-quality materials. Here are a few characteristics that make this company state of the art when it comes to cat fountains:

● The ceramic bowls are lead-free and high-fired to create a non-porous surface in the basin. This prevents mold and bacteria forming on the surface of the bowl.
● The tee-tops for the streaming section of the fountains are made out of pharmaceutical-grade tubing, which has an inner liner that releases silver ions, which prevent the development of pathological bacteria.
● The silver Tygon tubes are connected to the tee tops and they are also antimicrobially treated. They also prevent the colonization of bacteria and other pathological organisms such as fungi, algae, or molds.
● A foam pre-filter is placed to ensure that cat hair and other impurities do not enter the pump.
● Glacier Point does not use toxic plasticizers, DEHP or phthalates as additives in the manufacturing process and fittings of the tubing. These are also free from PVC, Bisphenol-A and animal derivative components.

Here is a detailed description of the Glacier Point product line:

1. Spectrum Pet Fountain

Glacier Point Fountains spectrum_pet_water_fountain_tahoe_blue

Ceramic Bowl Dimensions: 10 1/2” diameter x 3” tall/ 2 quarts capacity

This is the cat fountain starter pack. It is the simplest and most accessible product in the Glacier Point product line. While simple, it can be used in homes with two cats because it has two water streams. It features a circular water container and a double stream flowing from the tee-top, which is antimicrobially treated.

For this design, the water has to be changed on a daily basis or at least several times a week. It is very easy to clean and to keep clean. The water can come out as a stream, but if the cat does not like that, the tee top can be removed, leaving the water to enter the basin through a tube, which causes a bubble effect.

2. The Basic Pet Fountain – Cat Drinking Fountain

Glacier Point Basic Pet Fountain – Cat Drinking Fountain

Ceramic Basin Dimensions: 12” long x 6” wide x 3 ½” tall / 3 quarts capacity
Additional Refill Capacity: 1 gallon (4- 32 oz glass bottles)

This is the classic Glacier Point cat fountain model. It comes with space for 4 glass bottles that you can connect to it. One 16 oz glass bottle comes with the fountain, but for the rest, you can use other glass bottles from commercial products. Placing the bottles in is very easy. Simply hold the bottle opening with your finger as you place it inside and gently remove it as you screw the bottle into place.

3. High Capacity Basic Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Glacier Point High Capacity Basic Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Ceramic Basin Dimensions: 12” long x 6” wide x 6” tall / 6 quarts capacity
Additional Refill Capacity: 96 ounces with 4 – 32 oz glass bottles

If you have several pets in your home and need a heavy duty cat fountain, then this is the one for you. It is double the size of the basic model and it comes with a 32-oz glass bottle included. The capacity of the water bowl is 6 quarts, but the additional capacity goes up to 96 ounces, which you can add in the glass bottles.

4. The Perfect Pet Fountain


Ceramic Basin Dimensions: 12” long x 6” wide x 3 ½” tall / 3 quarts capacity
Additional Refill Capacity: 1 gallon (4- 32 oz glass bottles)

This pet fountain model comes complete with an electronic Ice Probe chiller, which keeps the water at 59°F, which is the optimum temperature for drinking water. It is identical to the Basic Pet Fountain, but it has the chiller as an added benefit. This the most complete cat fountain that Glacier Point has to offer and we here at Floppycats have tried it and loved it.

This is the recommended product because it enhances the quality of the water by serving it cool and fresh. While the previous three products are high above standard pet store fountains, this model brings the most advantages.

5. High-Capacity Pet Fountain with Chiller

glacier point high_capacity_ceramic_pet_water_fountain_for_cats

Ceramic Basin Dimensions: 12” long x 6” wide x 6” tall / 6 quarts capacity
Additional Refill Capacity: 3/4 gallon with 3 – 32 oz glass bottles

This is the ultimate pet fountain for houses with several pets. It is similar to the basic model, but it has a slightly smaller additional refill capacity. One 32 glass bottle is provided, and the other two you can get yourself from commercial products.

Why Are Glacier Point Cat Fountains the Most Hygienic Choice?

Cat fountains that you can find in pet stores are certainly cheaper than what Glacier Point has to offer, but they are of inferior quality. What they offer is flowing water, but not water that is safe to drink. With most pet store fountains, you are unable to clean them properly to ensure that there is no mold formation.

Moreover, the materials are not tested to check if they actually support the formation of biofilm on the surface of the water bowl and inside the tubing. They also hold half the amount of water that a Glacier Point fountain does, which makes them limited.

Most of them do not feature additional water bottles, so after a few hours, when some of the water is drunk by the cat, the water bowl will be half-full at best. As any cat owner knows, that is not an appealing sight for cats.

Glacier Point has considered the biggest problems with the cat fountains on the market and they have created the technology to fix them. Their cat fountains are the only ones that can actually be kept mold-free. They are made from carefully selected materials that are lead-free and high-fired to create a non-porous surface in the basin.

Together with the silver-treated tubing, their products are actually taking a stance on pathogen development and offering cats water that is truly safe to drink. When the water passes through the fountain’s pump filter, it also removes chlorine and other toxins, as well as other impurities. This means that you can easily use any type of tap water with Glacier Point products.

Another advantage is that has an enlarged capacity. It even comes with water bottles that can be removed, cleaned, and changed. With standard cat fountains, the additional water refills, if any, are not removable, which makes them difficult or impossible to clean.

As you can see, there are more benefits than meets the eye to cat fountains, but Glacier Point cat fountains can truly make a difference because they provide a high-quality product that can offer your cat cold fresh water.

Have you ever tried a cat fountain? Was your cat excited to drink from it? Did your cat stay interested in it? Did your cat get to drink more water? Tell us about your experiences with cat fountains in the comments section below.

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