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floppy catsArcher and Brendan are loved and pampered very much by their mom and dad but they understand that there are kitties out there that are not as lucky. Although they would love to have this wonderful package to share among themselves, they would be happy to just keep the cool bowl and a toy each and donate the rest to their favorite shelter, Last Hope Cat Kingdom.

Last Hope, which happens to be the only no-kill shelter in the Merced area, has had a rough year and deserve all they help they can get. Instead of celebrating New Year’s eve, the shelter had a devastating fire accident where many kitty lives where unfortunately lost. The wonderful people at this shelter did not let this tragedy slow them down in their mission to help kitties in need. The kitties at last hope should win these packages as they would be very happy and grateful to have more toys, beds, and scratchers to play with.

Name: Evelyn
City: Merced
State: CA
ShelterRescue: Last Hope Cat Kingdom

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