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ADOPTED!  5/23/10
This is Bella, who is owned by Sue Rogers.  She is a Seal Point Ragdoll needing to be rescued in Greenwich, CT.  We asked if Sue wanted to post her on, as her ad on Craig’s List kept being flagged for removal.  Here is Bella and Sue’s reasoning to have to depart with her feline friend.

“The reason I have to give her up is two fold. First of all, I have been looking for almost a year for an apartment here that allows pets- obviously with no luck. The reason I want to move, and the primary reason I have to adopt out Bella is because this apartment is for many reasons is unbelievably noisy. That I have become neurotic because of it is bad enough, but poor Bella is so constantly terrorized and fearful that she has begun living under the bed. I think keeping her here any longer just is not fair to her.


As much as I love her, I love her enough to want to see her in a more safe, secure, and cat friendly environment. She really is not the same cat that she was when I moved here a year & 1/2 ago, and it breaks my heart because she deserves so much more.  She is extremely intelligent, well behaved, and was a little sweetheart, but she has become increasingly anti-social. She needs to feel loved and safe. The love I can provide, but the sense of security and safety, I can’t. Here are a couple of pictures of her in her happier days…so beautiful…”

If you are interested in adopting Bella, please contact Sue Rogers at [email protected].

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 2:42 pm, Sue Rogers wrote:

To Jenny or whomever reads this, you might want to copy and paste it into word as it is rather I write, i can’t avoid the tears. You have my ragdoll Bella on your website for adoption. Initially it was because of a potential move, but in doing so has brought up a lot of emotions. If I am honest with myself I have to admit that I actually have a love/hate relationship with her. I am having a real crisis of conscience and I have been torturing myself over it for a long while now. Let me explain:

It was after losing my 20 yr old, Squeaker I saw a ragdoll in a magazine and
immediately fell in love with those incredible blue eyes. Squeaker had been the most incredibly affectionate cat ever. She actually slept with her head right in my pillow, with her nose on mine, her front paw on my shoulder and her rear paw on my hip. I remember how I struggled initially to get used to the tickle of her fur on my face.

Everything I read about ragdolls convinced me t the ragdoll was the perfect cat for me. I am older now, alone and I really wanted a companion a lap cat, a companion, a kitty to hold, cuddle, and sleep with me. I got Bella 5 years ago to everything I read Bella is the polar opposite of the typical ragdoll. She
looks like a ragdoll, but other than her exquisite blue eyes, and beautiful seal
markings, she has none of the personality traits that make the ragdoll so
lovable, endearing, and desirable. It is obvious that she was not socialized or
handled as a kitten. I have worked with her patiently for nearly 5yr trying to
build trust and slowly overcome physical contact, but I would say in the past year, I have been increasingly impatient with the total lack of progress Bella is not a lap cat at all. She is very skittish & fearful, hates being held or
petted, and prefers solitude to human companionship. Ragdolls are described as being relatively placid and quiet, with fur somewhat like a rabbit’s fur. Bella on the other hand vocally demands or whines, her fur is dry, and she sheds and mattes excessively she is so beautiful, I love her so very much, but her rejection is starting to make me crazy. The process repeats over & over. She rejects me→ I get frustrated, even angry→ I get angry at myself because it is not her fault→- I feel horrendously guilty& end up in tears→ then try to make it up to her. I have always known that I would never have another Squeaker, but all my ragdoll research convinced me that I had a chance of at least 50% on the scale of affection.

It kills me because I know the inconsistency in the way we relate to each other is so unfair to her. I know she is confused which serves only to make things worse and it breaks my heart. Lately, I have been wondering, whether or not I move, if she would be happier with a family not specifically looking for a lap cat, with no needs or expectations,a home where she can feel secure and loved with the consistently she so deserves.

In my head I feel she deserves more but in my heart the thought of giving her up makes me feel so incredibly guilty that I have been crying for weeks. It is torture, my heart is breaking and I honestly do not know what is best. I have tried so hard to be accepting and patient, but Bella is also very smart and knows how to push my buttons. I would truly appreciate any thoughts & /or suggestions anyone might have. I don’t think I have ever felt so guilty or  unhappy in my life but I want to do what is best for Bella.

I have  come to realize that it is the environment and noise that have caused her so much stress and the accompanying behavior changes. I am now at peace in that, if adopted by the just the right family, she will be so much happier and secure and the lovable kitty that I know she can be. Keeping her here is not fair to her. I was making it all about me but, in fact it really is all about Bella and what is best for her.To do anything else is just selfish.

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3 thoughts on “Bella – Ragdoll Rescue Greenwich, CT

  1. Stacey says:

    I was an owner of a ragdoll myself, his name is Nemo. Due to my husband and I traveling extensively, my breeder currently has him. I do know that when a cat is very stressed, this changes their chemistry, their skin and their fur. I had a situation in where my cat’s hair started matting, falling out, turning grey, and it was due to high stress levels. He didn’t like a lot of noise, he didn’t want to be in a strange environment, and actually, if you move a cat to another location from the location of where they were at, this can add to their stress levels. It could be that your kitty is stressed and nourishment could be the other issue. The vet can prescribe a certain type of food and also talk to you about the behavior he is displaying. When a cat is vocal, he is trying to tell you something, and it could do with the location and the noise, it can be a combination of a lot of things. If he was ever abused as a kitten, or not socialized, stress will just add to everything. I sure wish I could take her, but we are in relocation mode right now, staying in a hotel in Connecticut. I really do hope you find a proper home for her and with someone who will adore her. She looks exactly like my Nemo, that is what drew me to respond. I cried myself for a long time having to let Nemo go, but he is with his original momma, which gives me comfort. She is taking good care of him, and his whole family is there with him. She is in Oregon, or I would see if she could help you, since she is a breeder of ragdolls. Let me know how it goes. I really feel that Bella is trying to tell you the problem, you just need an interpreter to let you know what she is saying:) Blessings.

    • Sue Rogers says:

      Hi Stacey,
      Thanks for your feedback. I still have Bella, and I agree that she is totally stressed out and frightened in our current living situation. I am very unhappy myself, but after a year of looking, have not been able to find the right “ingredients” so to speak. I have tried herbal remedies as some have suggested, but they don’t seem to be having done much other than add more to Bella’s stress as she hates taking them!
      I have been communicating with a lovely couple near Hartford CT, regarding the possibility of their adopting Bella, since I can’t change the current situation. Difficult as it may be, I think it would be much more fair to give Bella a stable and less stressful home. I just can’t think of any other solutions at this point. I sure can empathize with what you said about crying…not sure I have any tears left! By the way, how is your move progressing? I do hope things go smoothly for you. Are you moving in or out of CT? If you have any further thoughts or would just like to stay in touch, please let me know, and thanks again for caring..

  2. Marlene says:

    I can totally understand your frustration, guilt, and ambivalence over what is happening with Bella. She looks like such a beautiful girl! My suggestion is that you work with an animal communicator to find out what is going on with Bella. Perhaps they can help communicate Bella’s needs to you and yours to her so that you can coexist peacefully and hopefully, lovingly in the future. Animal communicators are not terribly expensive and can really solve issues that seem unsolvable.

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