Beige Modern Cat Designs Small Cat Condo

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Modern Cat Designs is known for their great variety of modern designed cat products that are created and manufactured to suit every ragdoll cat’s lounging life style.

Every cat in town will surely enjoy digging in their claws in this cross-woven fabric pad that’s proven to have great durability and can withstand your cat’s scratch.Beige Modern Cat Designs Small Cat Condo

All of Modern Cat Designs cat beds and cat condos are easy to assemble for they ONLY make use of high quality tested materials in it. Any of your blue lynx mitted ragdoll will surely love this small cat condo and will easily get great satisfaction out of its ‘unique’ foam scratching pad design.

Cat condos designed like this one here is very easy to clean – meaning no more scrubbing work for you – just vacuum clean it periodically and you’re done!

To get this Beige Modern Cat Designs Small Cat Condo for $129.99, you may visit

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