Before “My Cat From Hell” There Was “Psycho Kitty”

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Before Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell” there was a show, “Psycho Kitty” with cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett.  It was a show on Canadian television and did not air in the USA – but now you can watch individual episodes or the first full season on Amazon.

As you may recall, we interviewed cat behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett.

Cat Behaviorist Pam Johnson-Bennett InterviewPam Johnson-Bennett is a world-renowned  cat behaviorist.  She has written several books on cat behavior, including:

When I interviewed Pam – she mentioned that she had done this show, but at the time, I wasn’t able to watch any episodes.

So I used the $10 Amazon Gift Card I got for free from Swagbucks to pay to watch all of the episodes – it’s an easy way to learn about cat behavior.

Here’s the show’s synopsis: “Solve your cat’s “crazy” behavior! We see misbehaving cats with a myriad of bad habits. These ferocious felines’ biting, scratching, and peeing is driving their owners insane! Watch Pam Johnson -Bennett best-selling author of 10 books on cat behavior and most sought-after cat behavioral expert in the world advise the owners on how to fix their felines’ fixations!”

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You can watch it for $0.00 with Amazon Prime Video or pay $9.99 for the entire season, like I did.

Psycho Kitty debuted on Canadian television.

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      1. Will do! Yup. We are prime members and lurve it (although we don’t like the price increase that has happened over the years but, for us, it’s still a good deal as we order A LOT from Amazon). Wish we had Amazon Fresh in our area but I’m not sure Lawrence is big enough for that to happen. Bummer. 🙂 <3

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