Beds for Cats – Sometimes It’s All About Placement

Last Updated on December 29, 2010 by Jenny

Charlie on Crater Dot 12/8/10
Charlie on Crater Dot 12/8/10

A few weeks back, we did a review on the Sleepypod Crater Dot.  I have to admit that the cats weren’t totally into it – they used it more for a launching pad when they were playing, and sometimes slept on it, but that was about it. 


I moved the Crater Dot to the kitchen.  They use it everyday, all day long.  If Charlie’s not on it, then Trigg is.  It’s hilarious.  Everytime I go into the kitchen, one of them is on it.  It is so cute.

I have really come to adore the Crater Dot for this reason and feel like I needed to let you know about this because my product review on it was OK – but it deserves more praise.

Trigg on the Crater Dot on 12/11/10
Trigg on the Crater Dot on 12/11/10

Someone once told me that cats like to lay in areas of the house that are unbalanced and need more Feng Shui. 

I’d like to say that I knew where I need Feng Shui in my home, but I don’t.  I actually just set the Crater Dot down in the kitchen because it is the closest to my garage door and I was planning on donating it to an animal shelter since the cats really didn’t use it all that much.  And I wanted other kitties to benefit from such a great bed.

Charlie on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/15/10
Charlie on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/15/10

Well, now, I think the Crater Dot will forever remain with us.

So the point is – let this be a lesson learned that it isn’t always the product that is the problem, but rather the human that has control over the product that ends up being the problem.

Trigg on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/17/10
Trigg on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/17/10

The Crater Dot can be purchased on for $70.35 and ships free with their Free Super Saver Shipping.

This is also why I like to keep a product for 6-8 weeks to see how the cats respond before featuring it.  But that still isn’t a sure fire way of knowing if they truly like it – look at the Crater Dot for crying out loud.

Trigg on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/21/10
Trigg on Crater Dot Cat Bed 12/21/10

Here’s a quick video I caught of Charlie on the Crater Dot Bed on 12/21/10:

Thank you again to Sleepypod for such a wonderful pet bed.  We love it and think it’s perfect for our kitchen!

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7 thoughts on “Beds for Cats – Sometimes It’s All About Placement

  1. Ragdoll Mama says:

    It is normally location, location location but in this case it is placement, placement, placement. I too have purchased pricey beds for my babies only to have them ignored. Once I moved one for vacuuming and never moved it back to the original place because it was never without an occupant again! Ah, the lessons we learn from our children!

  2. Melody says:

    I saw your YouTube video from your account with Charlie on the Crater Dot after you moved it to the kitchen and I never thought of placement being the reason why a cat did not use the product either. I am sure they prefer the Crater Dot as opposed to the cold tile of the kitchen floor. The Crater Dot is definitely a product I plan on purchasing in the future, probably two if I get two Ragdolls so each one can have one as they accompany me in the kitchen!

  3. Donna & Morgan says:

    I agree on placement of the beds. I bought a super cute bed at PetSmart on sale on day – no one would go near it – until I put it next to one of the rat cages. Now they take turns in it.

    We have Morgan’s Beds all over the house – and there are some they loved while I was making them – they plopped in and refused to move.. So I kept them. When I put them out in the house – they ignored them – until they were in “the correct spots” according to them.

    Five cats all with minds of their own! KIDS!

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