Beds for Cats: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

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Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed, Sky BlueBeds for Cats: Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

Guest Post by Julia

We always look forward to vacation time as the only time in which we could unwind and be free from the ennui brought about by our daily works and routine. However, vacation will be more fun if we could bring with us the whole family including our beloved pets. Just like us, our pets—our kitties and doggies—deserve to be with us as we while away our time in a faraway nook; in fact, vacation could be one of our best treats for cats and dogs. Yet bringing cats with us poses some basic problems such as “where will our favorite cat sleeps when we travel long distance.”

One time, I was about to go to vacation and wanted to bring with me my favorite kitten, Kimi. I shopped around for a cat bed and fortunately found something worthwhile for my kitty. I got this cat bed called “mobile pet bed” by Sleepypod.

I guess this is one of the best beds for cats while travelling. It is a mobile pet bed which you could comfortably carry around. Its outer material is made of luggage grade nylon, while the inside is made of ultra-plush polyester. The padded shoulder strap allows me to comfortably stroll around with my Kimi. I guess this is one of the best cat products so far I have ever had for my beloved Pet.

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