Be Sure That Your Cat is Drinking Well Using the Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Fountain

Post Published on March 12, 2013 | Last Updated on March 12, 2013 by Jenny

Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic FountainCats can be just as picky as humans, and this is one reason it's important to make sure their drinking water is fresh and hasn't become stagnant. You wouldn't settle for anything less than fresh water, so why should your beloved furry friend do so? A great way to solve this problem is with a cat water fountain. The Drinkwell Avalon Ceramic Fountain is one remedy for a cat who doesn't drink as much water as is necessary or healthy.

This design is able to hold up to 70 ounces of water and keep them streaming down like an actual fountain. This allows the water to be aerated to maintain its freshness, which will make the water far more appealing to your cat. This design is also nice because cats love to watch streaming water. They don't necessarily want to jump into it, but they sure do love to stick their paws or mouths near it to get a taste. Something about the sound of flowing water really appeals to them. This is a better investment than most automatic cat feeders. Why? Because most cats don't have an issue eating the food they need, but many of them do have a problem with not getting enough water in their systems. Dehydration is definitely a concern for cat owners.

Because this Drinkwell Avalon fountain is ceramic, it's very easy to clean. It's even easier to clean than most ceramic cat bowls because there is less build-up. Since the water is always flowing, there is less of a problem of minerals sticking to the side. The fountain also features a purifier so that these minerals don't get into the actual water your cat is drinking. This purifier is able to remove the bad tastes and odors that would normally turn off a cat from getting enough hydration. Both you and your cat will love this particular fountain.

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