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Baxter at 9 weeks
Baxter at 9 weeks

This is Baxter, AKA, “THE PRINCE”, Baxter-noodle-Doo, Baxxi-Mundo. Baxter is a Blue Point Ragdoll, 3 1/2 years old. He was my first cat as an adult because I was always severely allergic, but somewhere in my 40’s that changed. I am still slightly allergic to him, but not as bad as most cats.

Baxter was the most adorable 9 week old boy. At the time, I hoped he and my Great Dane would be friends. I totally underestimated that relationship because it became an obsessive love story! Some of these pictures were taken the first weeks he was home. I thought he was a perfect kitten, and took hundreds of photos of him.  My Vet warned me when he was 6-7months old that he was likely to want to remain an only cat, but I badly wanted another, in fact, I wanted a 3 kitty family.

Baxter with Great Dane
Grace and Baxter

Over the next year, I got two other cats, a Siberian, and another Ragdoll, all about 6 months apart in age. Violet, the only girl, was a previous Ragdoll of the Week. Baxter was never mean to the others, but decided quickly, I no longer held any ranking in his “loves” folder, and neither did the other kitties. Only Grace, the Dane, held that honor and still does. When Grace goes outdoors, he cries and scratches at the door until she comes back. He licks her ears and he kneads on anything she’s sleeping on.

Grace and Baxter
Grace and Baxter

When Baxter was just turning 2, he got sick. He vomited a few times, and then stopped eating. Of course it was on a weekend, so he had to go an emergency clinic. They X-rayed him, and thought it looked like he’d swallowed a wire of some sort. Odd, because he was not an inappropriate eater. I was very scared.

They said take him home, if it doesn’t pass, come back. The following day, there was no change, so they had to do a full exploratory surgery. When they opened him up, the Dr. found something he’d only seen one other time in 20 years. Baxter had vines of tissue growing out of his abdominal wall that were strangling his intestines! When they cut them all away, his intestines pinked right up, and they closed him up. 12 more hours and he’d have died!

Baxter and Grace
Baxter and Grace

Don’t EVER hesitate when your cat stops eating or vomits more than once!I am so very thankful I didn’t lose him, and he’s been fine ever since. Baxter believes the world revolves around him, he treats me as his slave, and feels sometimes I was born to annoy him. If he doesn’t like the flavor of Fancy Feast you offer (that’s all he’ll eat, and what he likes one day, he won’t eat later.) First he meows, then he’ll start pushing things off the counter, one thing at a time.The louder the crack on the floor, the happier he is. I often ignore this just

Baxter outside
Baxter outside

to see how far he’ll go. Next, he’ll open the drawers in the kitchen, and begin tossing silverware, knives, can openers, chop sticks, scissors, all onto the tile below. Then he opens the doors to the pots and pans and pulls them out. He waits a few minutes between each crash. it’s hysterical! He’s such a brat! Sometimes he even tries to push a full ceramic water bowl off the counter! He’s very smart and pre-meditates a lot, which endears him to me even more. I just adore Baxter because of his obstinate nature.  He’s not typical of a Ragdoll, he doesn’t like to be held, and never call him “floppy’! He’s tall, long, and very lean, with a soft beautiful bunny like coat and very thick tail. I also have 3 large Parrots, and he likes to go into their room and strut around. Baxter thinks he’s a Prince, but around here, he’s the King!

Baxx at 13 weeks playing with Grace
Baxx at 13 weeks playing with Grace

Baxx xmas 2011

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. GlamKitty says:

    What a wonderful story (and accompanying pictures)… made that much more poignant now, since Baxter’s sweet Grace has crossed over the Bridge.

    As the mommy to an incredibly-sweet (if a bit odd, lol) bluepoint boy, I’m incredibly drawn to your handsome little mancat. :))

  2. I surely enjoyed reading that Baxter plays “Knock It Off” just like our Sammy Mouse. Sammy will clear any surface, desk or table, and delights in pushing cans out of the cupboard. I don’t think this is a Ragdoll trait (he’s a domestic short-hair) or even regular cat behavior. None of the many cats I’ve had did it – but it’s cute and funny. Sammy carries things around (my glasses on some occasions!) as a dog would do. They really love entertaining us, don’t they?

    1. Beth, that’s funny that you have a thrower too!, Violet never throws things off a table, or anywhere else, but she likes to Carry stuff, Baxter’s never carried anything! They are all so different. Baxter has NO Ragdoll traits, except he’s beautiful and knows it! Violet has no idea she’s beautiful….and
      doesn’t care. I’m glad I have 2 very different kitties:-)

  3. Thank you for sharing Baxter’s hilarious nature! I’m sure he’s a handful and I absolutely love the pictures you included (especially the ones with Grace). I’m so sorry to hear that Grace has passed away. I wish I had words of comfort to offer you all other than offering my sympathy. It’s so, so hard to lose a companion. <3

  4. Sadly, Grace passed away peacefully at home Friday with her vet, Baxter and myself by her side. She lived more than 13 years, which is a very long life for a Great Dane. She was a stellar companion and constant in our lives. RIP sweet girl.

    Suzanne, Baxter and Violet

    1. Oh, Suzanne, I am so sorry to hear that! I am glad you were with her and that she went peacefully!

    2. Losing a loved one is always terrible and even worse at Christmas. My Ragdoll Moosie passed away last year right before Christmas Eve. Pets are family also; everyone here knows that.

      I am so sorry about your sweet Grace but I’m glad you have Baxter and Violet to cuddle. You will get through this together…

    3. I am sorry to hear about you beautiful Dane passing, I am glad you were able to have it done at home, for Baxter to say good bye as well. I do hope that Baxter will be okay with his best friend gone. Hugs to you and the kitties

  5. what a lovely story about beautiful Baxter! the relationship with the great dane is so adorable!!! i have 2 gorgeous ragdoll boys who are my world! im sure u were terrified when he needed surgery!!! thank goodness 4 a happy ending!!! xxxx

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