Bastet from the Square Cat Habitat

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Cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds just love to scratch, but did your realize that there might another reason why they scratch? Scratching is also a good way for them to get exercise, since its hard to let indoor cats get the right amount of exercise they need. Scratching is also a good way for them to can sharpen their claws. Many people are not aware of the fact that cats have scent glands on their paws and scratching could be a way of them marking off their territory.

Bastet from the Square Cat HabitatSo instead of just letting your pet find their own territorial place, give them the Bastet side table by Square Cat Habitat. This unique cat furniture that is displayed in the picture is made from amber-colored bamboo with soft sea foam accents, and you can choose what color the bamboo finish will be and there are a whole range of color inserts to pick from.

It’s strong and versatile so your cats can use it for quite a long time, and these can be used as sturdy cat perches and as a cat scratching furniture. The Bastet side table is just the right height to place near the window so your cat can take a nap with the sunlight streaming on them, peer out to see what is happening outside, or even wait expectantly for you to come home. 

By providing your pet the cat products that they need to be able to do what their instinct dictates can help save yourself a lot of trouble while being able to take better care of them.

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