Bald Eagles: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know

Bald eagles are one of the most iconic birds in the United States, and for good reason. They are large, majestic birds with a wingspan of up to 7 feet. Bald eagles are also brilliant and resourceful birds.

While most people know a few basic facts about bald eagles, such as that they are the national bird of the United States, there are many other exciting things to learn about these fantastic birds.

Here are ten facts about bald eagles that you may not have known:

1. Bald eagles are not bald.

portrait of a bald eagle blurry background
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Despite their name, bald eagles are not bald. Their heads and tails are covered in white feathers, which can give the appearance of baldness.

2. Bald eagles have incredible eyesight.

The Bald eagle Haliaeetus leucocephalus sits on snow and eats a salmon fish
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Bald eagles have eyesight that is up to eight times stronger than human eyesight. This allows them to spot prey from a long distance away.

3. Bald eagles are monogamous birds.

american bald eagle perched in a tree
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Bald eagles mate for life and work together to raise their young. Both parents help to build the nest, incubate the eggs, and care for the chicks.

4. Bald eagles can fly for hundreds of miles.

American Bald Eagle at Alaska
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Bald eagles are strong and powerful flyers. They can fly for hundreds of miles without stopping.

5. Bald eagles are apex predators.

detailed view of a bald eagle
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Bald eagles are at the top of the food chain. This means that they have no natural predators.

6. Bald eagles are important to Native American culture.

bald eagle with america flag as background
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Bald eagles have been important to Native American culture for centuries. They are often seen as symbols of strength, courage, and freedom.

7. Bald eagles were once on the endangered species list.

A bald eagle on the rocks near the rapids of McNeil River
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In the 1960s, bald eagles were placed on the endangered species list due to habitat loss and pesticide poisoning. Thanks to conservation efforts, bald eagle populations have rebounded, and they were removed from the endangered species list in 2007.

8. Bald eagles are still facing threats.

bald eagle on a white background
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Even though bald eagles are no longer endangered, they still face threats, such as habitat loss, pollution, and lead poisoning.

9. You can help bald eagles.

Bald Eagle white head, yellow bill, symbol of freedom of the United States of America, Alaska, USA
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There are many things you can do to help bald eagles, such as supporting conservation organizations, reducing your use of pesticides, and disposing of lead properly.

10. Bald eagles are amazing birds.

bald eagle open beak
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Bald eagles are truly remarkable birds. They are strong, intelligent, and beautiful. We should all do our part to protect these majestic birds.


flying american bald eagle landing on the snow
Photo credit: Deposit Photos.

Bald eagles are one of the most iconic birds in the United States, and they have a long and fascinating history. These majestic birds are known for their strength, intelligence, and beauty.

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