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Bailey Cream Point Ragdoll CatMy name is Bailey, or at least it is now.  I was born in March, 2012 at a cattery called Country Rags in Perham, Minnesota.  My human there was named Ilene Harlicker and she called me Cream Male #1.  I am a beautiful Ragdoll, if I do say so myself.  I am a big boy now and not a kitten anymore because I am having my first birthday.

When I was 6 months old a lady from Sartell, Minnesota came to visit us.  She said her kitty had died after 14 years of living with her and she was sad.  She said she wanted a kitty to move in with her.  She had read about Ragdolls and wanted to meet us all.  She petted me and put a little black “X” on my ear, and said she would be back to get me when she moved into her new house and got settled.  I didn’t think much of her – I enjoyed playing with my brother and 2 sisters and all our relatives.  She also petted my Mom Carly, who they say is a blue bi-point female.  My mom had a lot of kittens and she was 5 years old.  My mom said she was retiring from having kittens.

I had a lot of fun at my cattery.  There were a lot of other cats to play with.  One day I stole a whole loaf of bread from right under Ilene’s nose while she was making a sandwich.  I knew where she kept the treats too….I broke in and gave all my brothers and sisters treats.  They said I was full of the dickens.

Bailey Cream Point Ragdoll CatIn this picture, Ilene is trying to hold me still while the lady gets a good look at me.

Then one day Ilene put me and my Cat Mom Carly, into carriers.  She drove us to a restaurant where she met that lady who had been to visit.  They had dinner and talked about us.  Then the lady put my Mom Carly into her car.  I refused to come out of my carrier and dug in my claws but she was too strong for me.  So we went on a long car ride and my Mom Carly cried the whole way.

We got to a place that was our “new home”.  Me and Mom just went under the bed and refused to come out for 2 days.  When the lady was sleeping we sneaked on top of the bed and got a good look at her though.  The lady named me Bailey.  She said I was the color of Baileys Irish Cream.  I think my second name is “No”.  Because she keeps saying “BAILEY, NO!!!!!!”  Sometimes she says, “Now Listen Here, Mister”, like when I broke the alabaster bowl.  She said, “Now listen here, Mister, that bowl was in the family for 55 years and it took you one second to smash it to smithereens.”

But now me and my Mom Carly get lots of food and treats, and we watch the wildlife quite a bit.  We jump on our human’s lap to get petted.  When my mom jumps up to get petted I chase her off, because I like to be the only one getting petted.

2This is Mom watching the birds the first day we came out from under the bed.

I try to attack the birds but I keep hitting my nose on the window.  There is a rabbit that comes up on the deck, and squirrels too…but I can’t get to them.  I wish I could.  My human says I drive my Mom Carly crazy.  I like to sneak up on her and knock her off her perch.  My Mom Carly gets very grumpy with me…and she is pretty strong herself.  When I’m not looking she sneaks up on me and bites my ears.  Then we run around the house, slide on the wood floors, crash into furniture and bite each other.  It’s really fun.  When we knock over the plant we have to hide for awhile.

My human likes to make quilts, so us cats help her.  Whenever she works on a quilt, we jump up on the table and rearrange all the fabric she is working on.  We make it look better.  She says she appreciates our help very much and we are now “Quilting Cats”.  I think we’ll start a blog to help the humans make quilts.

Bailey Cream Point Ragdoll Cat3This is me designing a baby quilt.  In the other picture I am grasping some of the more technical aspects of putting a quilt together.

Bailey Cream Point Ragdoll Cat5

My human says I’m a chatterbox.  I like to squeak, meow, chirp, trill, twerp and I make up my own little songs and sing them every day.  Sometimes I snore when I’m sleeping.  When we play hide and seek I always let a little squeak out of my mouth by mistake and my human finds me right away.  My Mom Carly is much quieter….our human can’t find her when she hides.  Except when she shakes the can full of treats and that makes Mom run to the kitchen every time.  Mom thinks she has to be the first one to get treats and I always have to wait until second.

I like to read magazines, or at least sit on them.  This is a picture of me looking at National Geographic, but then I took a catnap on it.

Bailey Cream Point Ragdoll Cat2

This is Bailey, the Awesome Cat, and his Mom Carly signing off from Central Minnesota, USA.  Be good to your cat, because cats are the best.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Bailey seems to have taken up some light reading 🙂 To awesome

  2. How wonderful! Two are ALWAYS better than just 1!! Glad you gave Carly a retired life!!

  3. What a sweet story! So glad you have an assistant to help you with your quilting projects now. How nice that you could adopt both Bailey and his mama. They are both beauties!

  4. Such a gorgeous boy Bailey is! Love his coloring, those eyes, and oh, that personality! (My six-year-old Ragdoll boy is still just as much a stinker as he was the day we brought him home, so just in case you were thinking maybe Bailey would outgrow that? Eh, probably not, LOL…) Thanks for sharing him and his pretty mama Carly with us. 🙂

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