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Baby & Pouncer 1997
Baby & Pouncer 1997

Baby, our 16 year old Rag Doll, joined us for Thanksgiving in 1995. She was found sitting on my mother’s window for two days crying for attention so my mom brought her inside to the screened in porch and promptly called me and said, “You must drive down to North Carolina and pick up the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen and take her back to Virginia to live with you.”   As I already had nine cats at home, the last thought was that I needed another cat and that this was mom’s ploy on getting me to drive down to see her for Thanksgiving.

My husband and I relented but finally gave in and when we walked onto the porch, I saw the most beautiful cat ever. There was Miss Baby (my mother was very Southern and called everyone Baby). She was 6 months old, round body, black, orange and beige head and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. She walked over to my husband and, in her own way, announced she was ours.   We drove her back home and she fit in immediately with her new brothers and sisters.


She has taught me a lot about Rag Dolls and now that I have my own professional pet sitting company; of which she is head cat, I love showing her photo to my clients and turning them on to   Baby loves looking out the window at the bird feeders but prefers to sit in my office chair, knowing that’s where my attention will end up. It isn’t easy working on the computer while holding her but she will always win out, even if just for 15 minutes of loving before I put her on another chair. You can see her company photo at her Facebook page: AuPurr Cat Care.  We always recommend long peacock feathers for playtime, they are her favorite toys.


My parents have both passed away but Miss Baby is here everyday to remind me of how much I miss them and that she is the most important family member in my life.

Sondi & Baby Moore

Sondi & Baby Moore
Sondi & Baby Moore

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6 thoughts on “Baby – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Geo says:

    Baby is a beautiful girl! Very interesting and distinctive coloring. Love how she announced she was yours. Good thing you made the drive– your Mama was right!

  2. Beth says:

    Head-butts (kitty hugs) and purrs to you and the lovely Miss Baby! Such unusual coloring! Thank you for sharing your sweet story 🙂

  3. Betty says:

    She is so beautiful! And a lasting gift form your mom too – not “just” Baby, but a love for the breed too. You will always think of your mom when you see raggies. What a gift to you. Baby sounds like a lucky lady!

  4. Suzanne says:

    I’m gonna visit Baby’s Facebook page too! What a nice story. You are very lucky to have had her so ling. I hope she lives many more years with you. I love her unusual coloring too. Lucky, lucky baby!

  5. GlamKitty says:

    Such a lovely post! Telling you about Baby was the best gift your mother could have possibly given you. 🙂 What an absolutely stunning girl she is, too, with such distinct markings! (I must be sure to visit–and have my handsome Raggie boy visit–her FB page, now. :))

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