Available Ragdoll Kittens in Minnesota from Angelkissed Ragdolls

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Here are 3 girls all together ..Stripe is a seal bicolor LEFT… middle is Lacey a blue mitted ..and RIGHT is lady bug a seal bicolor It was hard to get a nice shot because they dont stay still at this age, but I happened to capture a rare moment with them all together…

Name of Kitten: stripe,lacey,ladybug
Date of Birth: Jan 23 2012
Color Pattern: see below
Sex: females
Parents: Angelica and Nimo
Price: 600.00
Date: Mar 20 2012
Breeder Name: Gail vettel
Breeder Website: www.angelkissedragdolls.com
Breeder Location: Burnsville,mn
Breeder Phone: 952-898-4432
Breeder E-mail: gaillee5@yahoo.com

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