Available Ragdoll Kittens for Adoption

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Floppycats.com is an informational website, uniting Ragdoll cat lovers worldwide – we are not a breeder.  Our focus on the site is more about having a Ragdoll cat as a pet.  We do not focus much on breeding or showing Ragdoll cats.

If you are wondering how to find a Ragdoll Kitten, this page on the site will get you started – Ragdoll Breeders or Find a Ragdoll Cat Breeder.

Additional Kitten Resources on This Site:


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  1. We have purchased 2 kittens from Gail at Angelkissed Ragdolls. 1 male at Christmas time and a female for my mother the other day. Excellent quality cats. Big and loving cats with great personalities. I highly recommend this breeder.

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