August 2011 Giveaway: 3 Scaredy Cut Kits Each With a TINY TRIM Scissors!

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Scaredy Cut, maker of the silent home pet grooming kit, has generously offered 3 Scaredy Cut Kits Each With a TINY TRIM Scissors for our August Giveaway!

Scaredy Cut Floppycats Giveaway


You might recall the Scaredy Cut review we did.

There will be 3 separate winners and each winner will win 1 Scaredy Cut Kit with Tiny Trim Scissors – you will also have the choice of picking either a pink Scaredy Cut Kit or a blue Scaredy Cut Kit.

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win one of three Scaredy Cut Kits please:

  1.  leave a comment on this post telling us why you’d like to have this Scaredy Cut Kit.

A random winner will be chosen in a drawing on September 1, 2011.  The giveaway is open to all addresses WORLDWIDE!

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62 thoughts on “August 2011 Giveaway: 3 Scaredy Cut Kits Each With a TINY TRIM Scissors!

  1. Dorothy Silecchia says:

    I’d love to get this product, my cat Romeo just hates being combed or brushed or anything that tries to keep his coat shaped up he’s a longhair and i can’t really get his whole body cleamed up, that’s why I would love this.

  2. cindy roddis says:

    My poor cat dicksie is getting on in life she is now 18 years old, she doesnt look after her poor fur any longer. She is very scared of clippers and gets very agitated when being groomed. Trying to cut the big knots out of her fur is a night mare.
    The pink grooming kit would make life easier for her to enjoy the rest of her retirement.

  3. Diana Bane says:

    I would love to have a set of these Scaredy Cut sets as I own 5 cats, a Persian, 2 Ragdolls and 2 domestic short hair cats and they are all rescues. My Persian and one of my Ragdolls gets mats daily and I have to work and work to get them out. I think one of these would solve a lot of the problems I have with their hair.

  4. Amy Bealer says:

    I currently cat-sit for my parents’ 3 ragdolls, one of which has an overactive gland on his back causing his fur to get matted to the point where the clumps need to be cut out. I’d love to win this as something to make it more simple for Ernie to get the knots out. Thank you for having this giveaway…

  5. Kelly says:

    I’d love this set for my Dad’s cat. She’s not a ragdoll (my kitty is), but has the thickest, densest fur I’ve ever seen on a medium-length fur cat. She has complete disdain for keeping herself groomed, and despite my Dad’s best efforts to make sure he brushes her 3 times a week (much to her chagrin – she hates her back being touched!), she is still full fluff and dandruff that gets stuck in her dense fur.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Would love a pink set for my Raggy girl. She has very long fur on her back legs. It looks like she’s wearing harem pants 🙂 Nice to see a competition for worldwide entries.

  7. Burcin says:

    I would love to win this because my kitty is quite the troublemaker and will often get things stuck to her fur. She also refuses to stand still when she realizes that we are going to do something. I’m always so scared that she’s going to make a wrong move with the scissors in my hand. I think these scissors will be so much easier to manipulate and use safely.

  8. Annette says:

    Would love a blue one.
    My 2 raggyboys have such long hair on their tummies that I try to trim for their
    comfort, but being the little squirmers they are, I’m afraid I’ll cut them.
    Thus far, I keep my hand between belly and scissor, but could cut so much
    closer,easier and safer with this.
    My one little boy is all black (smoke) and now is developing silver tips on his fur- but ONLY on his belly! LOL….He looks like an inverted skunk. Just a kitten yet though so who knows what he’ll look like in time. I’d really love to win this time.

  9. Laura C says:

    I would love to win this for Mr Darcy. When we first got him he was covered in matts and it took a good month or two to get it all out. Darcy hated every second! He is a little more trusting now but anything to make the experience easier on him is good with me. Plus I’m in the UK so I never usually get to enter 🙂

  10. jc says:

    I’d love to own this kit as it would help me save on grooming expenses. It’d also be so much fun doing this myself, pretty sure my pet would love such personal pampering! Thanks for the purrfect giveaway.

  11. June says:

    I would love to have this wonderful set to keep my beautiful Lucy’s nails groomed. A great tool for helping me take care of my precious baby.

  12. GourmetPens says:

    I’d like to enter! I actually mentioned in my Ragdoll of the Week Story that Tyco loves just about everything…except for the sound of scissors “snipping”!! That combined with the fact that we have 3 kittens who sometimes have kitten runs, and sometimes Tyco himself has soft runs, he often is a mess when he exits the litter… and it’s quite the task to wash him all the time (especially by myself) so I often have to resort to cutting off his soiled fur! These would be quite handy… save him from the snipping noise! 😀 Thanks for the giveaway! Awesome, yet again!

  13. Melissa says:

    I just so happen to have the most scared kitty of all. He jumps at the sound of a foot step, and skitters away when the toilet is flushed. Hes scared of everything that would seem to be a common sound. So that of course includes the comb and scissors. Hes a long hair Scottish fold with the most magnificent mane. Only problem is that its always in his mouth, and i can’t get near him with scissors to trim it unless I’m working at the speed of light.

    Hes really the laughing stock of the house. Puff ball with fluffs planted in his mouth at all times.

    Really, i think that it would be easier to trim him with a blow torch. Every time i do some plumbing work, he wants to be right there beside me. But when the scissors come out (even for hair cuts on humans) hes gone in the blink of an eye.

    And he would be happy to get pink or blue. Hes very in touch with his feminine side.

    Thanks! :3

  14. Kelli Mitchell says:

    I would love one in either pink or blue..doesn’t matter.. 🙂 Frankie (My flame point Rag) needs constant trimming around the rear end ..(Poop gets caught in the fur there) lol

  15. Elena says:

    I have a lovely kitty with long fur, so I take care of it every day. It will be a great present for both me and my nice pet.

  16. Valentina says:

    SCAREDY CUT quiet and simple solution. My pet does not disturb the noise and vibration clippers.
    Due to the nozzles, scallops can be cut any length hair! There are no other sounds that are not so much like my pet! I really want to have SCAREDY CUT and my pet in the first place!

  17. Angela says:

    I would love one of these not for my Raggies, as I keep their coats intact for showing, but I would love one for my Persian, Cindy who needs her britches trimmed frequently. She HATES going to the vet to have this done, so would be much easier to do at home myself.

  18. Michelle Spayde says:

    I would love one of these because my senior is not grooming himself much these days, and I need to be able to trim/comb him while keeping him calm and happy.

  19. KiraM says:

    I would really love to have this, having 2 cat’s with longer hair can be a problem especially around the backside! This looks like it would be perfect for that

  20. Lori says:

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. I have a rescue cat who was found nearly dead in a very cold Wisconsin garage in January 2009. She had to have her ears amputated due to frost bite. She lets us know every day how grateful she is to be in a loving home. We are also getting a Ragdoll in 2 weeks so she has a companion, and we have a lap cat.

  21. Jaythan says:

    I would really love one of these because my girlfriend has a really fluffy cat that sheds like crazy, especially now in the summer here in Puerto Rico!!!

  22. Lauren G. says:

    Seven, Pierre, Pixie, Omen, Pomelline, Saffron, Patience, Paris, Bodhi, Nigel, Jicky, Jools, Oliver, Dharma and Milo have informed me that if I don’t win this (for them) they are going to have a pissing contest in the house. Need I say more?

  23. Debbie Kennedy says:

    We have kitty fur everywhere. I would love this kit, especially to help with the grooming. My kitty doesn’t like the sound of clippers either.

  24. Shavon says:

    Yuki would love your Scaredy cut kit. I have Ragdoll (Yuki) that loves baths and a blow dry but not trimming! Anything that could help him have a more relaxing experience would be great! It is very awesome of you to offer your product for free. I hope we are fortunate to be able to use it. All the best!

  25. Kelley says:

    I have two kitties that need help! We have a young blue point male and a four year old mactabby maine coon. Both giant and both need some help with grooming. This summer has been tough on them because we live on a third floor apartment with no AC 🙁 the humidity and heat has made them mate up so badly. I get one mate out and there is five more! We cut their stomachs but could not bring ourselves to shave them completely. HELP! I feel so bad 🙁 sad meow

  26. Lenore Dieter says:

    A new ragdoll kitten has come to live at our home recently.. She has had the reponsibility of getting used to two resident schnauzers and 1 eight year old resident cat, which has not been easy, but she is doing well. I would like to give her pleasant grooming experiences to help relieve her stress, and, from the description, think this product would really help.

  27. Peggy Holcomb says:

    Shilo, is an outside cat dealing with our extrem hot Texas weather with a very long thick coat she just can’t take off to cool herself. All the brushing does not remove enough hair but it makes her feel loved and part of our family. She is not declawed and has a feer of nosie sheers, she would welcome the scaredy cut trim scissors to make her life easer on the back patio. We have installed ceiling fans but it is only moving hot air and gives her little releif from the 109 + temps of Texas.

  28. lorraine clayton says:

    As a proud pet parent I want my babies looking good. I have 4 cats who could use a little spiffing up.

  29. Nan says:

    One of my cats has medium length fur and needs help now with grooming. This kit would be wonderful for us. Thanks so much.

  30. Susan Fox says:

    I have a Persian cat that is scared of the clippers this would be perfect for her. Maybe I could trim her hair for once myself..
    I would want the pink since she’s a girl cat.

  31. Dana Armstrong says:

    I have 2 long-haired girls who get mats under their arms and on their pantaloons. These clippers would be the perfect tool, so I don’t nick their delicate skin. Princess is part Birman. She looks just like the rag dolls, but she is not quite so easy going. Chi-Chi is a silver Maine Coon Cat. They, along with their Russian Blue brother are all rescues. I believe they chose me!

  32. Cheryl J says:

    I would love to win this sets and donate it to my favorite rescue group- Forever Home Feline Ranch. We have several cats that need grooming and these great tools would help.

  33. Bev says:

    Would really like one of the sets to give to a friend, her long hair cat could really use a hair cut in this 100 + heat.

  34. katie mitchell says:

    With 5 cats 3 of which are long haired and the other 3 medium long I really could use this, 2 ofmy cats are difficult to and tangled and 1 of them are scared of regular scissors so I cant cut them out with just scisors so think this would be purrfect to keep their coats at a decent length and keep them tangle free. I would choose the pink(just because that is my favorite color) I would be happy with either color, I have 3 boys and 2 girls, so either way) Thanks for the chance! any extra entries this time?

  35. Katrina says:

    My Darling Shadow a seal mitted male ragdoll keeps getting clumps of hair that need to be cut out so this set would be just perfect

  36. Darcey says:

    I’ve been looking for a clipper for Diamond and Mellow, but didn’t know what kind to get. This looks like it’d be really useful. They both get mats and i’m always worried that I’ll cut more than just their hair. I also like that this is silent and won’t freak them out. They get worried enough about grooming. I’d love to win this product. Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. Rick Schaeffer says:

    We would love to be able to use this on Bug, Sammi, Mo, Allie, Slinky, Sweetie, and Button. All are strays or shelter cats that have found and adopted us. We have had all our cats spayed or neutered. They all need trimming, especially Bug. He is our long haired boy who gets a lot of mats and tangles, even with daily brushing.

  38. donna l. says:

    My Himalayan sometimes gets a soiled bum, so I try to use electric shears to keep the fur there shorter. The shears do a poor job and the noise scares him, so I’d love to try the blue Scaredy Cut kit !

  39. Crystal says:

    Oh, why wouldn’t we love to have these! We have 2 Ragdolls!. And are constantly trimming “knots” from their fur. Our “Keith & Elizabeth” both love to be brushed but everytime they scratch there goes a new knot! Scissors are not their friend. I don’t know if that is from the past life before we adopted them or…… We love our kitties and the Scaredy Cut would help us take the best care of them! Thanks…

  40. Kim says:

    I’ve tried my husbands shaver – didn’t work and scared them. Tried scissors with a comb but need extra arms for that ~

  41. Alissa says:

    I’d love one of these for Raina. Sometimes she gets dirty bloomers in the litterbox, and I always hate trimming them because the look so unattractive. I have a feeling I could do them so much more nicely with this set, and how handy to have it on hand for her occassional mats. Thank you for the giveaway!

  42. Rhonda says:

    Kasia’s in need of a trimming all the time on her backside. She doesn’t like the attention down there. The Scaredy Cuts Kit looks like it would ease the trimming experience for both Kasia and myself.

  43. Heather says:

    I have two girl cats and one of them is such a scaredy cat when it comes to clipping her nails. The Scaredy Cut Kit would be perfect for us to use on her…in pink of course!

  44. Boudin, Mystic, Kellen, Ameera, Mocha and Caramel says:

    Hi! My name is Mystic and my siblings and I would love to give our mommy this gift, she tries very hard to keep us looking our best but none of us like noisy things getting too close to us. Our mommy and daddy rescued all of us, Daddy actually picked Mocha and Caramel up off the road on his way home from work one morning, and they spoil us rotten (as we, of course, deserve!) They even spoil our doggy siblings, who aren’t too bad even though they drool a lot. Mommy thinks I might be a ragdoll kitty or at least part ragdoll because I’m so mellow, a very big boy, and often act more like my doggy siblings than a cat (she says that could just be because I was raised by my oldest doggy sibling, Dingo, and not around other cats until I was almost 6 months old though.) Dingo even carried me around in his mouth like a mama cat and groomed me, he is a good big brother.

    I really hope that my mama wins this prize!

  45. Sherry Jackson says:

    Would love to try this…sounds great, I do a lot of grooming with 23 cats in my home. And always willing to try new products…..think I would love it.

  46. Brenda says:

    I have had my little ragdoll kitten for almost three weeks and have to say I am in love! I am trying to brush and comb him often so he gets use to being handled and was wondering about trimming him as his coat gets longer. This product looks as though it would be safe to use on a small cat to get them used to being trimmed.

  47. Abby Normal, Stygia & Ms. C says:

    I don’t know if we commented already, but it didn’t give us a notice?

    We said…. we’d like to win cause our Mum adopted us 2 cats as adult cats, and she was not able to get us used to the SNIP SNAP of claw-clipping from kittenhood. It scares us!

  48. Abby Normal, Stygia & Ms. C says:

    We got our cats as rescues/adults from the shelter, so we could not bring them up getting used to the SNIP! SNAP! of the claw-clipping devices as we would if they were kittens. But we *wanted* to adopt cats because they are less popular choices than the kittens.

  49. Josie says:

    I would love one of these kits! I have a kitty with medium-long hair whom I have to groom every few months. She has longer fur on her ‘bloomers’ and it would be awesome to have a proper grooming set so I can do it more efficiently!

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