Ask US Anything: Safe Detangler, Long Road Trips with Cats and Gingivitis

Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Safe Detangler for a Ragdoll Cat

Elizabeth wrote in asking, “I am wondering if you can recommend a safe detangler for after my cats bath… I had to bathe his poopy butt 🙀one day and his fur was a mass of tangles!”

I wasn’t sure, as I don’t bathe mine – or I just use water and a safe pet shampoo like Earthbath.

Long Road Trips with Cats

Linda wrote in, “We have 1 female Ragdoll and she is 9 years old we lost her brother last August he was only 7. He died suddenly. That was her brother from another litter. They were inseparable. It has been very rough for her and us to say the least. We decided to get another Ragdoll. He is a Male and we pick him up March 16th. My problem is we are going to Yellowstone park the end of August and my female is nervous. She cries and pants with her tongue sticking out. I don’t want to leave them at home because that’s when my Yoda died. My sister would come every other day to check on them. Plus we had security cameras
I refuse to board them. I don’t want her to be on sedatives for the trip it will be a month long trip. I read about a stress jacket she could wear like dogs do. Or there is a collar that has calming scents. Do you have any suggestions.”

I posted her inquiry on our Facebook page to see if other readers had suggestions – and they did:

I also sent her links to these articles already on the site:

Ragdoll Cats Prone to Gingivitis?

Paul wrote in asking, “I have two female Ragdoll kittens, 8 months old. They are fed on raw food (They are fed raw frozen food – PurrForm Turkey breast with heart & gizzard) and no treats but they have gingivitis. Vet said these cats are prone to it. Have you heard this before.”

I shared that I know gingivitis can be genetic but can also be from what they’re eating.  I asked if he wanted to me pose the question to our Facebook community and he agreed:

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