Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Kitten with Loose Stool, Aluminum Hydroxide Powder, Products to Eliminate Fur from the Washer/Dryer

Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Ragdoll Kitten with Loose Stool

Gabriella wrote in, “I hope all is well! I know we have messaged back and forth and you have shared some stuff about my kitten Maisy and her tummy issues. We went and got a bunch of testing done, and an ultrasound and the vet came to the conclusion that she had food sensitivities so he put her on a selected rabbit protein diet from Royal Canin. It has improved her stool, but she still has a much softer stool than would be ideal. My roommate has her cats on a raw food diet and raves about it but most vets are against it, pushing the prescription diets. I know that a raw food diet is more expensive, but I don’t think it can be much worse than the super high cost of the prescriptive diet my vet recommended. I was hoping you could share this with the floppy catters and see if they have any advice on raw food diets potentially being good for food sensitivities and overall. Also If you have any advice on it! ” I wrote back, “I would first read and then see if you would like for me to post.” Gabriella wrote back 5 days later, “Thank you for sending me that article! I read it and did some more research and decided to completely take Maisy off of dry food and started incorporating the raw food diet in with her wet food. In only a few days her soft stool has completely gone away! It is crazy what just a diet change can do. Thanks again for all your help. ”

Aluminum Hydroxide Powder for Kidney Disease Cats

A reader wrote in, “I got this from my vet and wondered if anyone had experience with aluminum hydroxide powder for aging kitties with renal disease. ‘His kidney values (the BUN and creatinine) have gone up a bit since the last time, but not so much that I am concerned. The good thing is that there is nothing abnormal in his urine. Historically, he had a couple of urinalyses that showed a lot more protein than what we want to see, and this most recent one has no abnormal protein in his urine. His phosphorus is still in the normal range, but I think it would be good (for both cats) to introduce a phosphorus binder to try and keep the phosphorus as low as possible since it is toxic to the kidneys. There is a powder (aluminum hydroxide) that you can mix into canned food twice daily to help prevent absorption of phosphorus from the food. Prescription renal diets are also low in phosphorus, and they can be an option as well if either of your boys will eat them. We can get you samples of the aluminum hydroxide and/or the renal diets if you want to try them on your boys–just let us know when you want to pick them up.’ So I asked on Facebook to see what other readers had to say:

Products to Eliminate Fur from the Washer/Dryer

Bernie wrote in asking, “I am wondering if you or the group has ever addressed whether there is a good product to eliminate fur from the washer/dryer. I wash then dry, and still take clothes out of the dryer covered with fur—especially certain types of fabric. Dryer sheets don’t help—wondering if anything does.” I posted her question on Facebook to see what other readers like to use, and here’s what they say:

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  1. Great post this week in this series, Jenny! How fabulous that Gabriella was able to resolve her precious Maisy’s loose stool issue after reading the article you directed her too and changing up her diet accordingly! YAY!!! SUCCESS!!! PAWESOME! 🙂 <3

    WOW! Fascinating issue about the treatment for kidney disease in aging cats. I just learned a lot about that issue from reading what her vet wrote. I hope she gets some good feedback from Floppycatters who may have experience with that treatment! <3

    Regarding the products to eliminate cat fur in the washer and dryer…well, THAT is an interesting challenge! You know I get a lot of cat fur in my dryer lint trap that I clean daily as I dry loads of laundry. I don't have a problem with fur accumulating in my washer at all. And, I don't see a lot of fur sticking to the clothes I remove from the dryer. Of course, the Lilly Brush BFF mini is GREAT to have with you for a quick cleanup of your clothes during the day as you accumulate cat fur from interactions with your kitty. That's about all I can offer on that issue. Of course, I only have one Ragdoll. If I had multiple Raggies then the issue might be more prevalent, too. And, I'm very diligent about Lilly Brushing the crap out of my furniture and carpets when I see even the tiniest piece of cat fluff! That really pays off to keeping the fur to a minimum between vacuuming sessions and grooming sessions. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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