Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Kitten with Chronic Mycoplasma, Dental Water Additive and GPS Tracking Devices

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Ragdoll Kitten with Chronic Mycoplasma

Chrissy wrote in about her kitty, Jakku, who was featured as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month recently.

“I have a question for your community

My ragdoll has chronic mycoplasma- that’s what my other kitten has and we cannot cute it. He is 8 months old. He plays and eats (although the medicine sometimes makes him throw up)

He came with the infection – he had sneezes and a drippy eye – which I didn’t think anything of except that it was typical because they came from a breeder. Regular antibiotics didn’t cure him and now almost 9 months and 14 lbs. now we’ve tried very strong doxycycline more than once and it’s still not going away. We did the test to make sure it’s mycoplasma and nothing else and the test proved that. Any advice?

OK so we are not on any restricted diet – he eats Fancy Feast, pro plan, science diet – both wet and dry for all.

When I first got him in June, we noticed the oozing eye and sneezing immediately – both the cats had the sneezing, but he had the eye problem as well. They were treated with the usual antibiotics that are safer for kittens (They were born March 4).
This infection was only on the right side – both eye and nostril.

The one cat (Jakku) is cured but for Anakin it kept coming back. So we tried clavamox and zithromax. Then we did the zoologics text – it came back negative for everything – but then my vet repeated the test with our veterinarian and it was positive for the mycoplasm. So we did a long round of doxycycline. He seemed to improve and actually finally look normal. We did 6 weeks of treatment – 2x per day liquid.

I stopped at the 6 weeks, and it did come back. We are currently doing one dose per day of the doxycycline and while he seems better, I still see that his eye gets drippy. It seems like an antibiotic resistant strain. My vet and I are both at a loss.

Please help!
I attached a bunch of pictures. We also tried terramycin for the eye – I want to say that it actually made it worse.”

I posted her inquiry on our Facebook page:

Dental Water Additive

Deb wrote in, “I looked on your site but didn’t see anything about the oral dental solution that you can add to the cat’s water to help with tarter. It’s called advanced care dental water additive and it’s made by Arm and Hammer. Do you know if it’s safe? My cat hates his mouth being messed with! I thought this solution may help but I want it to be safe for Rich.”

I replied:

“I have heard of those sorts of things, I just don’t trust them – I don’t have any rhyme or reason to my belief other than my gut tells me no and when that happens, I listen.

I think the best way to prevent tartar is to give them meat they can chew off a bone – but mine wouldn’t do that, so they get dentals.

I can ask on Facebook, if you’d like?”

And Deb wanted me to ask on Facebook, so I did:

GPS Tracking Devices for Cats

Harris wrote in, “I have a quick question. I want to take my ragdoll Romeo to my mom’s place 6 hour drive away for 1.5 weeks during Christmas, but afraid of him running off again like he did last year. He went missing for 4 hours while we had LOTS of guests on Thanksgiving. So I want to get some sort of GPS device in case a family member leaves a door open and he gets out. The GPS devices I see seem to be geared for dogs, not to mention being big, heavy and expensive with subscription services. I just need one temporary for times like this, so I don’t need an ongoing subscription. Any recommendations? ”

I replied:
I have no idea other than keeping your kitty in closed off in a room when there is a lot of traffic.

But I posted it on Facebook to see if readers had any ideas –

Please be sure to check it again in 24 hours as more people around the world reply.


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4 thoughts on “Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Kitten with Chronic Mycoplasma, Dental Water Additive and GPS Tracking Devices

  1. pam-e says:

    Re: Dental Additives – I don’t trust them! I’m Australian so my opinion relates to products on the market here. I looked at the ingredient list of Tropiclean Fresh Breath and it contains something called “natural cleanser”. Really? I would like to know exactly what “natural cleanser” actually is??? We don’t have truth in labeling on human foods here, let alone pet products, so until there is FULL disclosure on the ingredients list I won’t be touching it. And I would also like to see independent research not sponsored by the manufacturer of the product.

    I’ll climb off my high horse now LOL

  2. pam-e says:

    Hi again Chrissy,

    Your post has motivated me to learn more about this terrible infection. In your post you wrote:

    “So we did a long round of doxycycline. He seemed to improve and actually finally look normal.”

    Dr. Callum Turner, DVM wrote that: “Doxycycline is the mainstay of treatment of Mycoplasma infections in cats and is usually effective.

    Dr Michael R. Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, has greater expertise in this area and in 2010 was Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Colorado State University. Dr Lappin studies feline infectious and immune-mediated diseases and has written over 200 primary research manuscripts and book chapters.

    Dr Lappin is internationally respected and if I lived in the States – this is who I would see. If traveling to see him is prohibitive, perhaps you could ask him to recommend a specialist close to you?

    I wish you the very best with your adorable babies and I’m hoping they will make a full recovery.


  3. pam-e says:

    Oh Chrissy! My heart aches for you that your kitty’s have been so sick…especially their sensitive little eyes. I don’t know anything about this particular infection, except what I read briefly today (after reading your post) but it sounds really scary.

    However, I did have a Jack Russell that was extremely ill with multiple issues and it took me over a year to get him the right treatment. My local vet viewed me as a neurotic mum, but I KNEW something was desperately wrong. In Australia we have a teaching hospital located within one of the best universities. I took my pup to the clinic there and paid an extra $300 on top of the admission fees to see a specialist. Once I saw the specialist a feeling of calm descended upon me. He was very capable and experienced and he outlined a crystal clear plan of testing and procedures. It took two more surgeries, and two more rounds of medication, but my dog was restored to good health.

    If you are able to find a specialist in this area I would strongly recommend going “straight to the top”. Can you ask your local vet for a referral to a specialist animal hospital?

    My heart and thoughts are with you at this terrible time…
    Love Pam ((((hugs)))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Another great round of questions this week! Poor Chrissy and Jakku. How frustrating that drippy eye issue must be. I hope one of your readers will be able to help Chrissy get Jakku fixed right up to cure that drippy eye. I have no clue or experience with that condition. 🙁

    Very interesting question about the dental additive for water. I totally agree with you, Jenny, about the need for dentals. Any dental water additive is probably pretty useless and is really nothing but a slick marketing campaign to promote a product that is a good moneymaker, as it plays on cat owners’ insecurities about their kitteh’s dental health habits, but truly adds little to no health benefit and (depending upon the ingredients in that dental additive) could be harmful in the long term to the kitteh’s overall health). <3

    I agree with your common sense advice to Harris, too. Best to isolate that little explorer to avoid any future escapes during the holiday gatherings. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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