Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Sight, Dreaming Cats and Eating after Surgery

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Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Do Blue-Eyed Ragdoll Cats See Well?

Morgan wrote in asking, “Do Ragdolls, because of their blue eyes, have a harder time seeing things? I note that if I put a treat on a similarly colored rug, my other rescue cat can spot it right away, but Gatsby, my Ragdoll, has a hard time seeing it and I often have to point it out to him before he’ll go over to it.”

I posted it on Facebook to see what other Ragdoll cat owners had to say:

Dreaming Cats

Norette wrote in asking, “When Ollie sleeps he quivers & I pet him & reassure him that he’s safe & that I’m here, his paws & ears is what quivers . But today it looked a bit different, & I wonder if it could be something else, it seemed like he was shaking & I don’t know if it’s something I should be worried about. Another thing he sometimes does when he’s sleeping is keeping 1 eye open, does this happen to anybody else?”

Ragdoll Cat Not Eating After Abdominal Surgery

Judy wrote in: “My ragdoll was going great until this past weekend; found two furballs (which is unusual for her) within the past two weeks but I wasn’t alarmed – she gets brushed every day. Long story short, she quit eating last Sunday. Took her to the vet on Tuesday but didn’t see improvement on Wednesday so I took her back in. Ultrasound showed an unclear mass which could be cancer or something else. She stayed at the animal hospital on Wednesday and they worked her in for surgery and found a massive hairball (‘I’ve only seen one other that large in all my years of practice’ said the vet) that had become lodged in her intestines so it could not work its way up or out. She’s got quite a surgical incision but it could have been so much worse.

This is Friday and they let me bring kitty home tonight (with 5-6 meds and a ton of instructions which I hope I can fulfill). But the problem is, she hasn’t eaten anything in a good number of days. She didn’t eat anything at the hospital even though I took her favorite foods to them. The doctor is hoping that by being at home she might feel less stress and begin to eat but so far, she hasn’t touched any food, even the moist ones she usually likes the most. If kitty doesn’t eat by tomorrow evening I have to take her back to the vet tomorrow night.

Do you – or perhaps one of your blog followers – have a suggestion for any kind of food that a recovering cat just can’t resist? It wasn’t dental this time so that’s not an issue but I’m so anxious to get some food into her.

Thank you.”

So, I posted the question on our Facebook page:

I sent Judy the Facebook link to her inquiry above and she wrote back saying, “I am so grateful for all the suggestions. The vet had me bring home several cans of ID diet moist food so I immediately tried the idea someone suggested of adding warm water and turning some into a slurry. I had small syringes from several of the meds and tried using them twice but it was a struggle – I think a larger syringe would have worked better. Several readers mentioned the seriousness of a cat post-op not eating and I was in communication with the animal hospital a couple of times today. Long story shortened, on their advice I took kitty back to the hospital tonight. Blood work looks ok but they were going to take another X-ray just to check things and then try to get her eating. Liver was still ok. This may set a Guinness record for the most expensive hairball in history. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get good ideas to consider. Hopefully kitty will be home soon and life will return to normal. You and are such a wonderful resource and we are all fortunate to have you care for us and our unique cats.”

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4 thoughts on “Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Sight, Dreaming Cats and Eating after Surgery

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Always such great questions with these Ask Us Anything posts, Jenny! Seriously, I am learning so very much!!! 🙂 <3

    What a fascinating question about the Ragdoll eyesight! I haven't noticed anything unusual with Miss PSB's eyesight. I hope that Morgan's kitty Gatsby (gotta lurve that name!) is okay. 🙂 <3

    I think Norette's kitty Ollie is just a very active dreamer. I've had several kitties in my life that looked like they were sleeping with one eye open at times. I think it was just eye movement when dreaming and that inner eyelid that can make it look like that… 🙂 <3

    What an ordeal poor Judy and her kitty have been through. Prayers going out for her kitty's appetite to return and for the recovery to be quick and without complications! A furball of all things! Wow!! Thank goodness for all the helpful Floppycatters out there on FB with great suggestions and guidance! What a wonderful community of knowledge!! I know that baby food pureed chicken in chicken broth is irresistible when kitties are off their food (I learned that tip from our lovely Sweet Teresa!)! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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