Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Pooing Bed, 13-Year Old Ragdoll Cat Changed Sleeping Positions and Grey Hairs on Ragdoll Face

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Ragdoll Cat Pooing on my bed

Sheree wrote in, “My beautiful Isabo has a very bad habit. From what I can put together when she is displeased with me she shows it by pooing on my bed. I never know what sets her off, take last night. I fed my kitten Bonnibelle in the bedroom with her last night or I forgot litter boxes last night and when I went to bed there is a present on my bed. I usually feed Isabo in my bedroom and clean boxes morning and evening.

She started this “habit” 9 years ago when we moved into our house. We put her in the bedroom while we moved furniture and boxes in. That night when we went to bed there “it” was. She had never done it before. I took her to my vet, he checked her out completely, nothing wrong. He just laughed and said she didn’t like us moving.

Since then this happens many times a year, twice in last week on bed, and twice on floor beside litter box. She has been to vet many times and he asks about her habit, and just shakes his head. Now for question, are Ragdolls prone to spiteful actions?

Sheree and Isabo”

I replied:

Hi Sheree,

Isabo is just gorgeous!

The biggest mistake that cat owners make is assuming their cat is “getting back at them” or spiteful when they inappropriately eliminate somewhere else. This is NOT the case. We have domesticated animals to use boxes inside our house – in the wild, they would pee/poop where they see fit! Shame on your vet for, “He just laughed and said she didn’t like us moving.”

I do know how frustrating and how much extra work is causes, so I understand the aggravation.

Have you read our page about pooping outside the litterbox?  – be sure to read it fully, as there are lots of tips and tricks on it from over the years.

No, Ragdolls are not prone to spiteful actions, nor is ANY CAT.

Another option would be to read these two books:

Think Like a Cat
Starting from Scratch

Thirdly, I can post a your inquiry on our Facebook page, if you’d like.


13-Year Old Ragdoll Cat Changed Sleeping Positions

Kathy wrote in, “My 13 year old male Ragdoll has started to come up and stretch out across my pillow and rest on my head like a hat. He never did anything like that before but now it is a ‘regular thing’.

Any idea why? Our bedroom isn’t cold.”

I wasn’t sure, so I asked on Facebook for her:

Grey Hair on Ragdoll Cat

MK Shower asked on our Facebook: “Is it normal for greying of the face to start at 5? Or is it just the difference of me moving from Wisconsin to Tennessee and the sun?” Click through to Facebook (you don’t need a Facebook account to view it) image below to see suggestions.

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3 thoughts on “Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Pooing Bed, 13-Year Old Ragdoll Cat Changed Sleeping Positions and Grey Hairs on Ragdoll Face

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    WHOA! Super interesting & fascinating issues this week, Jenny honey! <3

    Great guidance (as usual) on the bed pooing situation (YIKES!) <3

    I have no experience or input to share as none of these issues every presented themselves with any of my kittehs so far… <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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