Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat E-Collar Alternative, Fetch Toys Suited for a Cat, Chronic Ear Infections

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Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Ragdoll Cat E-Collar Alternative?

Cynde wrote in, “how can i teach Samuel to keep this collar on for up coming surgery? He doesn’t even keep a regular collar on and managed to take one off in 2 mins every time i put it on😂. I trying to be prepared, I’m guessing just keep trying until he stops? Do i need to buy a different style? Please advise. ”

I posted it on Facebook. The majority of readers suggested inflatable collars and other alternative e-collars.

ZenPet Pro Collar Comfy Pet E-Collar for Dogs e collar alternative

Fetch Toys Suited for a Cat

Laura wrote in and asked, “I’ve got an energetic kitten who loves to fetch, and I need ideas on toys. His current favorite are mice that rattle, but after he chewed off a tail and swallowed it, I see how important durability is too. I’ve got some health issues that sometimes severely limit my mobility at times, so any ideas about draining his energy are much appreciated. I’d love to hear from fellow Floppycatters who also have kitties who fetch or above-average energy. Thanks!”

I told her I would post it on our Facebook for her:

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Chronic Ear Infections

Loraynex wrote in, “Hello, I was wondering if you could help me please.

I have 2 ragdoll cats aged 9 and 8 which a adopted from a rescue centre 3 years ago.

One year ago the male 8 year old devloped a ear infection which took initally 12 weeks to heel. Not responding with Suolan and eventally got better after optomax. Following on from this the ear infection reoccured approimately every 8 weeks which was initally treated by my vet with Optomax. In March however the vet wanted to stop use of the Optomax to see what would happen. So he was haveing his ears clean twice a day with ear cleaner from the vet and lot of muck coming out of his ear. The vet decided a week ago that his ears needed to be flushed with samples taken for the lab. I am awaiting these results. However the female is now also suffering with a ear infection and has been put on Suolan for the last week.

I was wondering if you have any experience of ragdolls cats suffering with ear problems? They are on a good high protine grain free diet. AAtu dry biscust, Mewoing heads, big little paw, James wellbeloved wet food. I am know wondering if it is being caused vai an allergy. Please help I am very worried.”

I replied, “I have posted your inquiry on our Facebook page to see if other readers/cat owners have some ideas for you – 

Be sure to check that link again in 24 hours as more people reply.  Hopefully readers have provided some ideas that resonate with you.
I would think it is food allergy related.”

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    Fascinating issue about the post-surgical cat collar! Lurve that inflatable collar suggestion! Didn't know THOSE existed! 😉 <3

    Lurved the fetch toy question! We have lots of fetch toys for Miss PSB that came from different shops on I just don't have time right now to list them all but I know the Floppycats FB community will respond very enthusiastically with tons of great suggestions! 😉 <3

    Heartbreaking about the chronic ear infections… Luckily, no experience with that! Hope Loraynex can get it all figured out with some guidance from the Floppycatters community! <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes, I always forget about that inner tube e-collar option.

      Oh, if you have a few Etsy suggestions for the fetch question – one that has held up really well, please text me! The owner of the fetching cat and I are also texting =)

      Thanks, Patti!

      1. lol. Will do! Trying to get the name of the Etsy shop right now first who makes these incredible crochet cat nip toys that Sweet Teresa gifted to Miss PSB years ago as a Christmas or Birthday gift. Soooo cute and they have held up soooo well. Will send the name of the Etsy shop and the item name once I find it. Etsy is having a few site issues right now….hoping they fix that soon! 😉 <3

  2. Ohoho the biggest size of baby onesies work amazingly for surgeries. Not kidding, they can’t get through it and it seems so much more comfortable. However you do have to open it so they can use the litter box or if the incision is higher up, you can cut it open for them to take care of business, as well as a hole for their tail to go through.

    If you don’t want to diy it, there are products that are designed the same way as well!

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