Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Aggression, Pooping Outside of the Box, Cat Memorials

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Our “Ask US Anything” is a series of posts on the site where I share the questions/concerns/ideas that readers have sent in and then the responses from our readers about those questions/concerns/ideas.

Ragdoll Cat Aggression

Cathy wrote in:

“Hello just wondering if you have any advice on rag doll aggression my rag doll is very aggressive and will attack at any time , and not just a small scratch or bite , he bites and won’t let go. On top of that he wants to eat all night and will scratch at everyone’s door while we sleep until we can’t take it anymore . I’m at my wits end with him and just don’t know what to do to cure his aggression and obsession with food .
Any advice would be helpful”

I replied:

Hi Cathy,

A lot more information is needed.

1. How old is he?
2. Is he neutered?
3. What diet is he on now? Is it raw, dry, wet food?
4. What does your vet say?
5. What does your breeder say?

Once I have those questions answered, I can post on our Facebook page for you, or you can join our Facebook group and ask the community there.

Thank you,

Cathy got back to me, saying…

Yes he is neutered. He is a blue point male , 8 years old .
The breeder said she has not had a problem with any of her other cats . He has been aggressive since a kitten and I really thought he would grow out of it and to some extent he is a little better since he has been allowed to go outside and as he has aged.
He is mostly on wet food due to UTIs but I will sometimes give him dry food , and not the expensive stuff as he will not eat it . I have had him checked by the vet for thyroid but he’s levels are good . I’ve have tried sedation which I don’t like doing . He is so smart it is often hard for me to get him to take the tablet with his food and I can’t give him it as I wouldn’t be able to hold him down. ”

Ragdoll Cat Pooping Outside of Litterbox

Jill wrote in, ”

I’m having some trouble with Klondike and I’m hoping you or your readers might have some ideas of what to do.

My Ragdoll, Klondike, is almost 6. He’s always had a sensitive system and gets diarrhea anytime he’s stressed. He’s also had several bouts of giardia over the years which we’ve treated successfully with metronidazole. For his sensitive system he gets probiotic and fiber daily. When he gets diarrhea he gets pumpkin which usually takes care of it.

A couple of times over the last few months he’s pooped outside the box. Always in our finished basement. (There are litter boxes on every level). Usually in the guest room bed or on the carpet in the guest room or hallway between the guest room and the bathroom where the litter box is located. It’s always diarrhea when he does this. The guest room is very near by the bathroom so I don’t think it’s a can’t get there in time issue. When this first started I changed the basement box to the same box & litter as the ones he’s used his whole life without issue. I took a stool sample to the vet today for testing and I’m hoping to hear from them in the morning.

Any thoughts on what could cause him to start doing this? Any suggestions on how to stop him from doing it? Thank you for any ideas!!!”

I posted it on Facebook:

and also sent her a link to our page – Cat Pooping Outside of the Litter Box

Cat Memorials

Brittany wrote in, “Hello Floppycat-ers, I could use some help. My oldest baby went over the rainbow bridge in early June and it was hard. He was 15 and you could tell that his health was beginning to decline, but it was just seemingly old age as his last blood panel at the vet was normal for his age. He had a sudden medical emergency and we rushed him to an emergency vet but the quality of life was not there and I made the difficult decision to let him go. Thankfully I had already decided I wanted him cremated but I had never decided on what else I may have wanted as a memorial to keep close. I was kind of shocked and out of it that night at the suddenness of losing him and didnt think to ask for some of his fur or an imprint of his paw- it was too late by the time I thought of it. Now that some of the grief has eased i’ve been looking for something to hold onto besides pictures and his urn. I thought about a cuddle clone but that was a little too real yet. So my question is: What have you guys used as a memorial/keepsake for your babies?”

I posted it on our Facebook and also included my responses.


My suggestions were – Heart In Diamond Pets: Turn Your Pet’s Hair or Ashes into a Diamond or make a custom box for the ashes.

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One thought on “Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Cat Aggression, Pooping Outside of the Box, Cat Memorials

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with aggressive behavior with our Ragdoll Girl, Miss PSB, or any other kitty we have had so I can’t offer any advice to Cathy. I have also never experienced litter box issues like Jill is experiencing with Klondike. But, I hope and pray that the Floppycat Facebook Readers will be able to provide some excellent guidance/help. <3

    And my heart goes out to Brittany for the loss of her beloved Ragdoll Boy. NOTE: We haven't kept the ashes of our previous beloved kitties that were cremated for very long. We spread their ashes outside (always some place tranquil and lovely) in a heartfelt memorial service for each one (it's just too heartbreaking for us to be reminded of the loss by keeping pet urns and we have the memories in our hearts). <3 Although, I do like the diamond idea for future use if I can afford it. <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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