Ask US Anything: Ragdoll Brothers Not Getting Along, Constipated Cats and More!

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I follow a website called, “Everyday Cheapskate“. A Floppycats reader, after finding out that I am a crazy couponer, referred me to the site – and I have to say, I quite enjoy it. It is one of the few daily emails that I read consistently.

One of the columns (or whatever that she does) is a sharing of reader inquiries through her “Ask Me Anything”.

So I’ve pondered doing the same with Floppycats and decided I will do the same, thanks to Mary Hunt of Everyday Cheapskate.

I have changed it to, “Ask US Anything” because often times I turn to the readership – specifically the followers on Facebook for answers.  If you follow us on Facebook, you are probably familiar with it because I always start the post with “NEED READER HELP” and then post the inquiry in quotes.  It is one of the great ways to get a lot of opinions and suggestions about a problem or issue that you might be having with your kitty.  It’s like our version of a Ragdoll cat forum.

Also, a friend of mine who follows Floppycats told me that she loves reading through these to learn – so I thought I would share them for that too.

Below are a few of the most recent inquires and posts on Facebook.

Q: “I am a big fan of your website, facebook page and Instagram. I love seeing the photos of your beautiful fur babies. I have my own two Ragdoll boys, Charlie and Milo. Charlie has just turned a year old and Milo is 6 weeks younger than Charlie. We initially just had Charlie but after seeing how lonely he got when we would go to work, I contacted my breeder for a friend for Charlie. Once I brought Milo home, Charlie wasn’t too happy at first but after about a week they both really grew to love each other and became inseparable. They would be constantly playing together, grooming and sleeping next to each other. It was so beautiful to watch and see the close bond they had and it made a huge different for Charlie having his brother.

Last Sunday Milo decided to jump on our kitchen counter. My partner had left a pack of panadol on there and whilst we had our back turned for half a minute, we turned around and saw Milo chewing on a tablet. Straight away we tried to get it out of his mouth but he had unfortunately ate a 1/4 of a tablet. I called the emergency vet and was told to rush him straight there, as if we didn’t, it could have been fatal. We took him straight to the vet and they started treating him immediately to stop any organ damage from the panadol. We found out that panadol is highly toxic for cats and they are not able to excrete the toxins from their body like humans can.

While Milo was at the vet clinic, Charlie would wonder around the house meowing and looking for his brother. It was really sad to watch as he looked so disappointed not being able to find him. Luckily after day 3 we were able to pick Milo up from the vet and we also had final blood test results which came back and Milo had no organ damage and was recovering very well. My partner and I were so happy to be able to bring Milo home! When we arrived at the vet, the nurse advised me that she sprayed him with a doggy perfume as he smelt a little. I wasn’t really to happy about this as it was a very strong fake smell but didn’t say anything as I was just so happy that he was alive and healthy and coming home. It did cross my mind that because of the perfume sprayed on him that there was the possibility that Charlie may think that Milo was a different cat which is exactly what happened when we got home with him.

When we introduced them it was like Charlie was meeting Milo for the first time again with hissing, growling and attacking sometimes. I called the vet and advised them of what had happened and the vet nurse told me that it wasn’t because of the perfume but because he had been at the vet for a while and had picked up a different scent there. She also assured me that everything would go back to normal after 1 day.

Milo would go up to Charlie and try and play with him and Charlie would lash out at Milo. It didn’t seem like Milo had forgotten who Charlie was as he remembered the house and his favourite sleeping spots but eventually he just stopped trying to be friends with Charlie. It has been a week and a half now and Charlie is no longer as aggressive towards Milo however, he still may hiss occasionally at Milo. They no longer chase each other around the house or play together and clean each other.

Do you know if our boys will ever be as close as they were or is it just going to take time for them to re bond again??

My partner and I love these guys so much and just want them to be happy and healthy like they were. If you could give me any advice we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


A: I am glad Milo is OK.

When I take Trigg to the vet without Charlie, even for an hour, Charlie will hiss and growl at Trigg for the rest of the day.
The fact that Milo was there for days makes his smell worse and it is REALLY TOO BAD that the vet did not warn you about this!  I have no words for the dry shampoo thing the vet nurse applied – makes me crazy.
It would probably be good to do the introduction process again.  Milo needs to smell like YOU or your partner and your home before being reintroduced to Charlie.  When you first introduced them, did you do the introduction process?  For Milo to smell like you – take a t-shirt that you wore to bed, turn it inside out and then rub it all over him – the inside of the t-shirt has your smells/oils on it, ones Charlie loves and identifies with.
Also, you can rub that t-shirt along Charlie’s mouth/whisker line and do the same with Milo and let them exchange smells.
Milo’s pee and poop probably smells different than it did too – until he is back home again for a lengthy period.
I have posted your comment on our Facebook page to see what other owners have to say to help you out more.  You can read that here.
Yes, I believe they will bond again, but it will take time and help.


Q: “I have always desexed my cats as well but the 2 we have now,creamy ragdoll and normal tabby were rescue cats who we desexed as soon as we got them. I was going to keep Buddy un desexed to breed with as my friend has a pure bred blue point as well but im also frightened if he starts spraying it will start a new habit”

Reply:  “Did you buy breeder rights with him? It is really important to ONLY breed responsibly – their DNA should be checked for genetic diseases and more. That’s super important for the longevity of the breed as well…and all the people that end up with the kittens.”

Q: “No.the lady i brought him from has been breeding ragdolls for a very long time and knew i was contemplating breeding with him…nothing on going.just one litter…what is breeders rights? Im in Australia so I’m unsure if it is the same here?”

Reply: “The problem with only 1 litter is that that produces 6+ kittens and then the process starts over. I am only a fan of breeding cats who have been tested for genetic health with responsible breeding practices on a professional basis based on the love of the breed, etc. ”

We also post a lot of inquiries we receive through email on our Facebook (and sometimes Instagram, if you provide a photo).  We have slightly different audiences for both – so you can get more of a response that way.

Here is one where a readers photos were being stolen and used incorrectly:

This reader has two 10-year old Ragdoll cats that were constipated:

And finally this reader had kitties that were not getting along:

What do you think about this new posting idea? Would you like to see more of these?

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  1. Patti Johnson says:

    What a wonderful new feature, Jenny! YAY! I know that all of us Floppycatters will be able to learn a lot and maybe even help each other out now and then with Q&A. Thank you so much for doing this!!! Brilliant!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

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